Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Early Birthday Celebration

My papa and mama took me back to KL for my phumococal jab, and my kong-kong, popo, and jiu-jiu took this opportunity to celebrate my 1st birthday (My real birthday is on the 28th June). So they went all out to plan for my party:

First we went to order baloons when we got back, and seems like the adults were having more fun than I was!And the next morning we were busy setting up, we use my jiu-jiu's porch as play ground for my guest, and my kong-kong and popo's place for the old people.

These toys are for me and my friends to play with!!!I have to supervise the set up to make sure everthing is good before my guest arrive!

When everything is set up, we make sure our guest know where the party is!
Me and papa doing a sound check to make sure the entertaining system and the PA system is working!

And the street dancer is doing his warm up! Presenting special guest of honor Jen-Jen my cousin from Ipoh!

When everything is done, I put on my party dress, shoot some hoops to entertain my guest...
And the guest will arrive with a lot of gifts...
and they get to play with all the things we have prepared for them...
they also get party packs with cool mask and baloons!
after playing and eating, we got a nice cake with candle...and everyone sang me song!
It was a very very nice party, I woke up the next morning and found myself surrounded with nice gifts...mama said it is like Christmas!!
Thank you verybody who made my birthday party so amazing! We should have it more often!

Monday, June 8, 2009


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Monday, June 1, 2009

Things I Have I Learnt Before I turned 1 :) !!

I am less than a month away to turn ONE YEAR OLD! Yay I am going to be a big boy soon.

These are some of the things that I can do (those can only be capture on video)

Mama has been teaching me how to do sign language to indicate what I want!

  1. First sign when I touch my head/hair means I want my hair to be combed!
  2. Second sign when I wave my hand next to my head means PLEASEEEE
  3. Third sign when I point to my mouth means I wanna drink
  4. Fourth sign when I hit my head means I am having a headache (which I don't) Hehe

I do love to comb my hair (remember my hairstyle post?)

I do exercise during rainy days, 1, 2, 1, 2!

I can stand for like 5 seconds only when I am playing!!

Come celebrate my 1st Birthday soooon!!