Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Full Moon

On the 28th July I am exactly 1 month old, my kong-kong & po-po (maternal grandparents) had a small party for me on the 26th, and my yeh-yeh & mah-mah (paternal grandparents) had a party for me on the 27th. Both party have these red tortoise cake, and the red dyed eggs.
Kong-kong told me that we elebrate the "full moon" because:
Traditionally, Chinese has very strict rules when a mother gives birth to a baby. The mother is treated with special foods and usually 'kept hidden' in the house for the full month. So, the full month is call the confinement because the mom & baby are literally and physically confined to the home. The only place they go is the hospital and nowhere else
Therefore, when the complete month is up, the birth of the baby is celebrated by giving away these foods. They comprise of the yellow rice which is made of turmeric and glutinous rice, red eggs and the sweet cakes call 'ang koo' or red tortoise .Red eggs & Ang Koo are symbolic, meaning good fortune, completeness and a new beginning.
The red sweet cake is made of glutinous rice flour or sticky rice flour and filled with bean paste.
Relatives and friend will also invited to the house to introduce this new family member to them.
So here I am, having my 2 parties, and went on my first long car journey to Setiawan (papa's home town) to meet all my family members. I will tell you about the journey on my next post.
This is me and my mama on my full moon day (28th July 2008). Do I look like a big boy now? I feel like a big boy already!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Beach Bump In The Making

Mama and papa told me that we are going home in few days time. And they told me that we are going back to the island.
Island? I have no idea what island is like, but mama said it is going to be our home! She show me some picture of the island and what they do. And papa said that I will like our home. So here I am, getting ready to my "home". And according to mama and papa this is the standard pose of the islanders!Guess all I need now is a pair of sun glasses!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let's talk about breast

Let me tell you something, these adults are too much, I am only a few days old infant and they expect me to do all sort of impossible things. One of them is breast feeding!

You see, I have got some issues with my food, first my mama stuff me her breast and expect me to suck, and I oblige, but come on, when I suck I expect something to come out, but NO! I suck and I suck and there was nothing, so I gave up and protest. Mama became upset because I protest, and then my popo came, and she took me away from mama because I was protesting very loudly. And popo and papa start negotiate with me, telling me that my mama is now very sensitive, so I better pretend I enjoy her breast. And so I tried again, but mama was so tense that I don't like it! And I protest again, this time popo took me away and calm me down but now mama is crying, so papa had to calm her down. And I got hungrier...finally the adults decided to give me some formula milk, and they decided to use the spoon to feed me. Because I was so hungry and when the milk came I was so excited as I moved my head around the milk spilled all over me, and I need papa and popo to feed me to prevent spillage!

Finally about a week later my mama started to have some milk and I finally get a little bit of milk, but I have grew faster too, and I wanted the milk to flow faster than she can provide, so I started to tell her, but she does not understand, and keep stuffing the nipple in my mouth, so I put on a strong fight to get my "fast food". Eventually my protest got my popo's attention and she gave me bottle with expressed milk. That is what I called food, fast and easy! After a while on the bottle, they decided to put be back on the breast again! Since I am contented I will just entertain them by sucking casually on the breast to make my mama happy.

Now I am 24day old and I finally think mama's breast is good enough for me, although I sometimes wish for the "fast food" but mama's breast is very comfy to sleep on after the feed, and the bottle is too "commercialized" and too "cold".

Note from mama:
Breast feeding is the toughest experience for the whole episode of having a child. The tips I get from friends and family and help from professionals are the most valuable. The breast feeding ordeal is still not over yet, and we both are definitely getting better each day. Yesterday (21/7) is the first time that Kai-Jin never cry when given him my breast (He usually screams when is feeding time.) . I am very please with this and hope will start to get better each day. Thanks again for all the advice and help!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Getting to know the world

This is me on my 12th day. I start to look around more and open my eyes to observe the world around me longer than I used to.
I know how to stare back to people I like, and this is my papa. I love my papa, and I love using my papa as toilet, every time my papa hold me I will wet my diaper and poo as well!
But no matter what my papa still love me. And we think we are looking more and more alike! What do you think?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My First day

Hello everyone, my name is Kai-Jin, and I am the little prince to 2 beach bumps. My mama created this page so I can write down my stories, and what I think about this world so far. Let start from the beginning:

On 28th June, my mama is scheduled to the hospital to induce me because I refused to come out, when my mama's doctor Prof Eugene strap on the CTG to monitor my heart beat before he start to induce my mama, I have decided to practice my skin diving technique and drop my heart rate from 140/min to 70/min. The professor take no chance and advice my mama and papa to consider a c-section and he only gave them 5 min to make the decision, and for my safety mama and papa agreed to perform the operation. At 0800 mama arrived hospital, at 0815 mama was pushed into the OT, at 0848 the credit card payment for the hospital deposit went through, and at 0859 I made my grand entrance to the world!I have got the thickest hair that put everybody to shame, the side burn that make all boldies beside me jealous! I have got the punk air style that make Uncle Harick hair out of fashion!
My birth weight is 3.27kg, length 49cm. Oh and I also have the loudest cry in the whole ward! :)

So here I am, my first day adventure ended with some cries, a lot of sleep, many visitors...but all I want to do now is to sleep!
Talk to you again when I wake up!