Thursday, May 28, 2009

11 month and counting!

I am 11 month old today!!
I am a big boy, and my mama said 1 more month I am going to 1 year old! A 1 WHOLE YEAR!!! Mama told me that we are going to have a big party, and I get to have a cake for myself, but the adults will eat it, and I am not allowed!

Anyway, I am really a big boy now, many people come to the resort think I am 1 year plus. I love friends now, and love talking too. See below is me and some of my friends.
This is Le-Le jie jie from Penang, she's my play pan and sand castle playmate.

Picture showing me playing with Lion and Silas, I am the shortest one. Lion is teaching me and Silas how to draw!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Signing KJ

I got more and more verbal lately, but my papa and mama can't understand a word I said, and that drive me crazy! Mama decided to teach me sign language, so we can communicate. Being a geeky mama, she bought a book on baby signing, and started teaching me sign language.

In the beginning papa thought I didn't pay any attention to my mama's silly sign. But one day I shown my mama milk sign, and she was so happy! But papa think it was a fluke, until I show him again when asked.

Now I can sign for:
good bye/hello (I can even say Bye-bye and Hi)
no more
NO NO!! ( I know how to shake my head since yesterday)
milk (I stop signing for that cuase all I need to do is to give mama "that look" and she knows)
and finally this is my favourite sign: Comb my hair please!

My mama having trouble taking picture of me signing, but she promised to take them and post them once she got the chance!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

KJ goes Shopping

Today Papa and Mama told me we are going to Kota Bharu for a day, so we brush up and got on the boat.

This is me wearing my papa's cap, am I cool or what?

We went to KB town checked in to a hotel, and mama said we are going to shop till we drop, and off we go to Tesco. This is the first time I sat on a shopping cart, it is so much fun!

I really enjoyed the trip, I think we should do this more often!

My baby is 10 month old! (mama's entry)

Time flies, it was just like yesterday that KJ was a new born, and us struggling to how to become parents. Just a blink of eyes and my baby is slowly growing into a little man!

Watching Kai-Jin grow is such an amazing experience, he was such a vulnerable baby on the first day of his arrival, crying alone in the crib feeling scare and lonely with mama and papa. Now he growing into an individual, who has his own likes and dislikes.

Everything that KJ does amazed us. We are in awe with things that he can do, because we watched him learn everything from discovering his arms, to his first smile.

Now he is 10 months old, and he started to discover the world around him. He started to stand and cruise in his play pan.

Everything around him interest him, and he takes in everything around him with his wide eyes.The new skills he acquired lately like call mama none stop, it was the most amazing sound on earth! One day at about 4am, we woke up, turned to Ronnie and call out: "papa...papa". That was the first time that we don't mind being awoken at that hour!

Our little man is growing very fast, he sometimes doesn't act his age...we secretly wish that KJ doesn't grow too fast! Cause papa and mama can't carry you if you grow too fast! :)
Papa mama love you very much!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Labour Rush

It's Labour day, and we have many people here on our beach. I became the main attraction!
This is me in my play pan being admired by many!
Me exchanging face with Uncle Kenneth.
Finally everyone has gone home and left me and Le-Le jie jie in peace!!