Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What have I been up to?

I have been busy lately, busy exploring my world. Now that I can sit on my own, I find that the world is so much more interesting!

This is me at Lumut Yacht Club, they have many nice boat there, my papa say one day we will go sailing in one of them!

I love sitting, and riding, this is the first time me riding on a dolphin, mama says one day I will see a real dolphin!

Hello Mr. Dolphin, nice to meet you!
Can I give you a kiss?
Wow, this is big!!!
This is flat dolphin!
I love hanging out with papa, we were on the beach at Teluk Batik. Papa told me that he used to hang out there when he was little!

Friday, January 16, 2009

KJ Goes West!

Hello everybody, what's up? Me? I love horse back riding!! Yiii HAaA!!

Be warn, the ending is a little shocking! Not for faint-hearted people!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chinese New Year Craze

Hello everybody, Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and I have recently discovered that the Chinese New Year decoration is much more attractive than Christmas deco!
I will jump and squeal with delight when seeing any Chinese New Year deco, so my kong-kong and po-po decorated their house with red lanterns as soon as the new year celebration is over. The Christmas Tree did not win me like the Chinese lanterns!

My papa also decorated the bath room so I will not wiggle around while bathing me since I am a big boy now, and can try to move out of the changing table and the bath tub.

Here's the view above my bath tub, papa hung this lantern so I will look up while him cleaning my neck.

This is above the changing table, so I can stay on my back while they wash my poo-poo.

And this is my papa's secret weapon...

Happy Chinese New Year!IMG_5219.JPG

Me Sitting on my own!

I am 6 month old, and I started to be able to sit on my own without support just a few days before I turn 6 month. Now I can just sit and sit till I decided that I had enough!
This is the video of me sitting!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Baby Galore

Hi there! Have you got a nice new year party?
Papa and Mama took me to a birthday party on the second day of new year, it was my Xing Yang Jiu-Jiu's 16th birthday. There were many babies to play with that night, and some of the babies I call them Aunty!!!!
All the relatives think it is very cute to have our photo taken, so here are the photos of us...I think the adults were having more fun than us!

From left to right: Me (6M), Qian Yin (13M), Zi Xuan (10M), Shun Yue (15M)

You can tell where is the sound coming from...we all are working hard to please!

Ok, enough...

Enough we need a break!!!

This one here is my little Aunty!

Left to right: Me, Aunt Qian Ning, Aunt Qian Yin, Shun Yi, Shun Yue.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year dear KJ -Mama's entry

Our big baby! See how big he is now?

2009, KJ first new year. He just turned 6 month old, and I am feeling that my baby is growing too fast! 2008 is KJ year, from pregnancy to giving birth, from newborn to little man...time flies! So fast that I can't bare to see my baby slowly growing out of my reach! I know, I know, I know, he is only 6 month old, not 16, but I really miss him when he does not have too much opinion of his own! Yes again, you all with older child out there is going to laugh and say that I don't know how lucky I am?! (right Syn?) Anyway, here are something about my little man:

1. KJ is a fully breastfed baby, and he is still attached to my booby.
2. KJ is a green baby which he uses cloth diaper, and only uses disposible diaper when he is travelling.

3. KJ just started solid, and his poop still doesn't stink! :) (I know, very soon everything will be changed!)
4. KJ Does not like to be on his belly, although he know how to roll over, he refused to do it much.

5. KJ can sit without support now for a very long time. (over 10min.)

6. After being fuss around by many people, KJ like to be left alone in the bed, and he will self entertain for a while!
7. KJ loves stories, he can pay attention to the entier story, unless there are other people or activity around.
8. KJ has no teeth!!!

To you our draling boy, mama and papa love you very much, we are so happy to watch you grow, although mama keep whining that you are growing too fast, but ignore it! Keep growing! Happy new year! We are planning for your birthday already!! hahaha...