Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am a Big Brother Now!!

Hello everyone! I just became a big brother! My little sister arrived with a lovely present, a Bosch Tool Set! What a cool present!!
Anyway, I am a very proud brother because my mei-mei (little sister) is cuuuutttteee!! I looked forward in meeting her, and everyday I looked forward to visit my mama and mei-mei in the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, I have got the biggest smile on my face!
See, I can carry my mei-mei!
Oh she is so cuuuuttteeee!
You can see how happy I am here with my mama and mei-mei!

The above photo is me and my mei-mei on our first day. Can you tell which one is me?

My mei-mei saying hello to us all!

Me and my papa are so proud of our mei-mei!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

21 months update - Mama's Entry

My baby is almost 21 months, and in 1 day time he is going to be a big brother to his baby sister. Here are some of the recent development of our little chatter box.

Last week he has been down with viral fever, and he became extra clingy to me. We think he senses that his little sister is arriving soon, and he is going to have to share his parents.
This is how he demand attention, he wanted us to hold him to sleep. But later we found out that he was actually having fever.
After 4 days of diarrhea and fever, we decided to take him to have a blood test fearing he got dangue fever or something serious. Poor boy got his arm pierce for the first time for blood drawing! It was really disheartening to see his arm wrapped up like this!

When he got a little better, we bought him his very first pet, actually pets. 2 tortoises, and he name them "Tak-Jin and Tan-Jin". I don't know where that come from. But his "friends" are all with Jin as name. Like himself!

We told him that he is going to choose a present for his "mei-mei" (little sister), he decided to buy her a doll. We do not know why he choose a doll for his mei-mei, because he never play with a doll, and neither have he seen others playing with doll before. It is really interesting to know what is going on in his little mind sometimes.

He has been like a monster lately, with growing attachment to me as the time get close to the delivery. He demand to be carried by me a lot, and especially today he wanted me to bath him and take him to the toilet (which has been his papa's department for a very long time).

As for his development, he is a real chatter box. He can speak sentence as long as 8 words combine. Sometimes even with adjectives! We are just glad with KJ's development so far, and we hope he will be a loving brother to his little sister!

Soon there will be papa, mama, Kai-Jin and mei-mei in the family.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

KJ Lion Dance

I love lion dance. In the beginning I was afraid of them. They came to my kong-kong and popo's house during Chinese New Year, and I have since thinking about them love doing the drum sound and pretending that I am the Lion! Watch how I did it!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A visit to FRIM

My jiu-jiu worried that I got urbanized too much since I left the island for too long, and he decided to take me to somewhere close to nature! We went to FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia).There we saw a lot of animals! Jiu jiu is pointing at some monkeys for me.
I get to ride in the backpack, while jiu-jiu become my donkey! This is usually my papa's job, but he is away back to the island to work, so my jiu-jiu got the honour.

After a short hike, we decided that the weather is too hot for this polar bear family, and we stop by a little waterfall to enjoy the cool stream. Mama told me that we have a creek where papa used to take me every evening when we were on the island. I do remember that place. It was so much fun! And this place is not too bad too!
After playing the in the water, we all got hungry, and I got very tired, as you can see on my face, that I am getting very "stone" from all the excitement.
We have to hike back down, and it is more tiring when the weather is getting hot!

This is us, after getting back to the foot of the hill. We all had a good time!!! My city slicker jiu-jiu will have muscle ache tomorrow I think. And mama say I will have to give him massage tomorrow cause I kept wanting him to carry me!

Thanks for such a good time jiu-jiu! We should go back again!!