Sunday, December 27, 2009

18 month old - a Pictorial update

Hello Everyone, I am turning 18 month old tomorrow (28th Dec) and my mama says I am a big boy now. Here are some of my recent pictures.
I love posing for pictures, and I will show you my cutest smile whenever you point a camera at me. Am I charming?

These are my cousins, and I love playing with them. When I go back to my yeh-yeh and mah-mah's house, I got a lot of friends to play with!


Since I am becoming a big boy, I enjoy doing a lot of things on my won, and have a lot of fun!

Yes, and I am only 1 year old, a lot of people think I am 2 plus because of how I do things.


I am usually very brave and bold, I dare to walk the suspension bridge by myself, and refuse help from an adult.


As for communication, I am a little parrot nowadays. I mimic most word my papa and mama taught me. And lately I developed a liking towards heavy machinery, like lorry, crane, excavator, oil tanker, and cement mixer! I can point them out from far!

Ok, that's all for now. Will show you more what I can do. Come visit my photo album at flickr.

Got to go now, too busy!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Hatyai Hospital

We made a trip to Hatyai Thailand few days ago, and I got sick on the second night. Had fever, and the adults got worried, and took me to see doctor. I was brought to a private hospital, and that was an eye opener to everyone!

Thailand is called the land of thousand smile, and even the hospital is full of them too! The service was incredible! When we arrived, a PR welcomed us, and help mama to register me.
As seen below, the pretty ladies in blues are the PR who attended to everyone who walked in.

Since mama is pregnant, they gave her a mask to protect her, I didn't like how she looks with the mask on, so I hung out with my jiu jiu at the waiting hall.
We didn't have to wait long and a nurse came to took me and my papa to a treatment room, and they sponged me down in there. Everyone can hear me screamed from the lobby! I didn't like how the plastic bed feel on my back! After being sponged down, the doctor saw me and talk to my papa and mama. It wasn't anything serious, just slight fever and a little sore throat, so they sent me out to play with jiu-jiu again.
Yes I know I didn't look sick here, but trust me, I was REALLY not well!

Anyway, while waiting all the adults got free drinks from the hospital, a tea lady pushed a trolley, with special lemon grass tea free for anyone who is in the waiting room. They even wrote the nutrition value of the drinks but they are in Thai so nobody understood.

When it was time to pay, my kong-kong went to the cashier and paid, and mama and papa are all guessing how much the bill will be with such good service. And the bill turn out to be...........
450Bhatt!! (about RM45)

They all said they will come back if they got sick again! But I know I won't! The bed was horrible!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Water Baby

Hello everyone, here's is my latest development with my swimming. I discover the fun of jumping off the pool. Here are some videos of me jump and swim to my papa, taken yesterday evening. I really love it!!

This is my first attempt, I don't really like standing up.

I prefer sit and dive in. I can't had enough!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Swimming Pool fun

The weather has been really bad, and we have not been to the pool for a while, and today my papa and mama decided to take me there early so we can at least get to have some fun before the usual evening rain. Papa took out his long forgotten toy- his big underwater camera, and took some shots of me in action!

And finally a family portrait! It was really fun swimming with my papa and mama!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lumut Revisit 2009

My papa and mama took me back to Sitiawanto visit my yeh-yeh and mah-mah.This time I didn't cry when my mah-mah and yeh-yeh pick me up. And I really like it there!

Papa and mama took me to Lumut, and they told me that we have been there when I was smaller.

This is me now:

and me last time:
How much I have grown!

Here are some pictures of me having fun around the Marina!

I saw that mama was carrying a big bag, and decided to give her a hand:

I am such a good boy!

Friday, November 20, 2009

KJ Tower

KJ been into stacking lately. He will stack anything he sees. Today he decided to get creative, and created this:

KJ Tower!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Visit to Bird Park

I love animals, birds, and bugs. So my kong-kong and jiu-jiu decided to take us all to the bird park in KL. I had a blast of a time there!
I find a lot of interesting birds there, and most of them I have never seen on the island before, like this Horn bill!

I ride on papa most of the time, but I enjoy running around on my own!
Besides watching birds, I had my favourite ice cream there! Yum!
I met little chic for the first time! They are so cute and fluffy! but the adults don't let me touch them fearing that I will squash them!!Hello Mr. Ostrich! I am taller than you!

It was really really fun! The adults were all exhausted but I am still very excited about the visit! Can we come back again please papa?!

Mr. Civilization

Hi there, KJ is back to civilization and am loving it! Check out the urban looks!

Cool Dude look. (note that mean scar on my lips, fell that morning and had a bad cut!)

Sporty cute look.

More looks and activities followed by this post! Stay tune!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Teaching your baby to "swim" - Mama's entry

Many of our friends are asking what do we do to create such a water baby? And how young can they start bringing the baby to swim?
Although we are expert in SCUBA diving, but we are not expert in baby swimming, the technique are all through research and experiment. Below are guides that we use to slowly get KJ to learn to swim, and I would like to share them with all the parents who want to try to get their babies wet.

*Please note that KJ does not know how to swim yet, he can dive and move underwater but he still yet to learn to keep his head up to breath.

To prepare the infant for the swimming pool or sea, start from bath time:
  1. When in bath (can start as early as 1 month old), count out loud to 3, and blow your baby's face.
  2. Repeat counting everyday in the bath, and after a while you will notice each time you count to 3 and blow the baby's face they will close their eye, drip some water on their forehead, and let the water drip down the face. Do not wipe off the water.
  3. Increase the water amount gradually, until you can but a small cup of water over the baby's face and they didn't mind. Make sure you always count to 3 and blow the face than only pour over over the head. Do not splash over from below so it accidentally enter the nose. It is unpleasant!
Once the baby is older, (3 month onwards) you can bring the baby to the pool. You can first practice if you have a bath tub at home.
  1. Bring the baby in the pool during warm day, keep moving and bouncing the baby in the water all the time.
  2. move the baby in the water by placing the baby on his back, and gliding him back and forth in the water to let them feel the water movement. Note that your baby may start to kick their legs, and encourage them to do so! The video below shows KJ at 5 months. He was already very use to the water, and kicking away.

When you are ready, get baby upright, facing you, bounce with your baby in the water, and count to 3, blow his face, and go totally underwater. Your baby will be alright to do that, bring him up and keep moving. Have a goggle ready, the baby's expression is priceless!

Do not start them too late, they will start to develop fear after 7 month old, and also forget the feeling of being in the womb.

Best result if you have both parents in the water to glide the baby back and forth between parents.

Enjoy your water baby!! :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Genting Highland Revisit

After my first visit to Genting Highland with my gong-gong and po-po last year, we revisiting Genting yesterday with them again. This time, I really enjoyed my trip!
I brought my Baba (Barney) along with me to Genting.
There were so many nice things to play and see at Genting Highland.
This is my first ride ever, the Merry-Go-Round, and papa got the privilege to go on the ride with me.
We did some shipping,
and play some nice fun games,
And we ended our night with nice hammering game, and called it a night.

The Next morning the weather was really nice and we tried all the ride that I can go on!

Me in the monorail, and wow!!! I loved it! Everything was so cool and exciting!!

I had most of my ride with my papa, and they were all so much fun!
I am high up there! can you see me!?
Me and kong-kong having a nice cruise on the "river".

I love this Rio Float ride, we got to ride in a whale!

What a tiring day! I need food to gain back my energy!! Can we come back again soon!?!?