Thursday, December 16, 2010

KJ and his conversation

KJ's speech development is very advanced. His conversation now is like a 4 year old, with proper adjective in complex sentences. We speak Mandarin to him and he is surrounded with English speakers. Here are some snippets of his smart remarks:

Papa and KJ in bathroom, and papa was focusing on cleaning him.
KJ: "Papa! Smile! Like this - HAHAHA!"
Papa: "


He has been counting, and at one point everything is 2, and recently it has became 3. One day he was on the phone with popo.

Popo: "KJ when are you coming back to see Kong-kong and popo?"
KJ, "3时!" (translation: 3 times)


KJ made a mess during at dinner, and papa told him off;

Papa, "KJ, don't make a mess! I am going to get mad! Are you afraid of papa?"
KJ, "No, I am afraid of mama!"
Papa,"How about papa?"
KJ, "I am afraid of mama scold me, not papa, BECAUSE papa is a nice guy!"
Papa, "


KJ and our Cambodian Maid SK were playing at the yard back at Yeh-yeh and mah-mah (Ron's Parents) house, and the road across is quite busy, so we warned him against playing outside.

KJ, "Kakak, you see outside got many car! You don't go outside, after car come you die! This I tell you in English!"
Maid, "


After done with his boot-boot (BM),

KJ, "Papa, first wear the underwear only put on the pants, otherwise bird-bird (penis) will come out!"
Papa, "


KJ was playing at the yard, and our maid was standing on a stool cleaning the grill, KJ ran pass to pick up his ball, saw her, and casually commented, " Kakak, fall down tell me!!"
All of us, "


I was in the toilet doing my big business, and ever since we got kids, we did not lock the door just in case. And suddenly my door swung open,
KJ, "Mama, what are you doing?"
Mama, "Mama boot sai, close the door!"
KJ, "Why?"
Mama, "go out and play, I cannot sai!"
KJ, "Mama, you do like the thinker (show me the thinker pose). Mama when I do the thinker my sai big-big come out, Ka-Da-pong Ka-Da-pong!"
Mama, "

Miss Ladylike

Hello everyone, I am Kai Ann, my mama thinks I need to learn my table manners. What do you think?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sentosa Island- Siloso beach

Hello all, more on my Singapore holiday:
Our ah Jiu decided to bring my papa, mama, mei-mei and me to Sentosa Island, Singapore. And we stayed at Siloso Beach Resort.
At the Siloso beach we get to be beach bum again, but this time with STYLE! Check out the "styliest" beach bums!
Yes we have dinner in style!

The part we love the most is the swimming pool! It is unchlorined pool, therefore we get to swim in the without mama worrying about the harmful chlorine can do to us.

I was having soooo much fun at the pool. And mama invited Hoe Re and Xi Yu to swim with us. We had a very good time!
As for me, I am just having a whale of a time splashing about in the pool! Watch me!

That was a really nice holiday!
Our rating for this holiday? SPLASHING!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Singapore Trip - Singapore Zoo

Our ah jiu (uncle) decided to bring us all to Singapore for holiday.
We went to the Zoo for the first time
KJ here, this is my second visit to Singapore, but my first time to the Singapore Zoo. I get to ride on my ah jiu, and get to see the view from above. And this place is awesome!!!

Hi I am Kai Ann, and this is the first time I visited Singapore. And I am loving the zoo here!

This Zoo is really cool, and we got to see some really cool animals we have not seen before, and also some animals we have wanted to see!

this is my impersonation of a horned bullfrog
can you see the resemblance?
There are some pretty and cute animals at the zoo. I really enjoy looking at them!
Look mama, penguins! So cute!!
Hello baby sea lion! You look yummy!

I am busy running around looking at all the animals in the zoo,

Busy saying hello to everyone in the zoo
and checking out every animals in the zoo
Papa, see a meerkat!!
and we also ride the nice boat in the reservoir.
We were so hungry after all the excitement and Kai Ann ate all her porridge.
and I can't wait till my lunch is ready!
yummy lunch is served!
and this is how monkey eat the banana!
It was such a big day and big zoo for a little girl!
What a great day at the zoo, we have to wave good bye to all the animals! See you soon! next time will do the night safari!!
The Orang Utan waved back!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Genting revisit 2010

Our grand parents decided to bring us to Genting, we are all very excited.

I am KJ, and this is my...3 rd time to Genting Highland.
This time I am 30 month old, and I can do a lot of things, and enjoy a lot more than the previous visits. To me the highlight of the trip is this caterpillar monorail. It is the coolest ride EVER!!!
I can go on and on without getting off! And I think my mei mei love it too!

Besides the monorail ride, I also went on other rides

like this boat ride where I discovered that people throw a lot of coins in the water. And I asked my ah kong to jump in to collect the coins for me. (this boy has a new obsession since he was given a piggy bank, always asking for coins!)

I also like the train ride since I am now crazy about Thomas Train (yes even his underwear is Thomas).

I can go on and on and on in the train. Always got the engine seat, and ringing the bell was so much fun! Also singing away: "Thomas is the cheeky one, Kai-Jin is the Noti one!"
Everything is so much fun here at Genting Highland!

Hello, I am Kai Ann, and this is the first time to Genting, and my mama is as excited as I am cause she get to play dressed up for me!
I love this place
My kor kor show me some very interesting things, like his favourite monorail ride.
Everything is so cool!
Every time I look up, I found something really cool!
blink-blink everywhere, so pretty!
My popo and Kong-kong took me to see some really awesome things.
It was all so excited for a little person like me, I fell asleep in the noisiest arcade!
When I woke up I am all charged up, and ready to go again! Come on papa, mama, take me somewhere nice!
I am so excited that I am making my howl! WAWAWAWAWA!!
This is so much fun that 2 nights is just not enough. We have to go home papa and mama told us. Can we come again?
with a cherry on top?!
papa & mama:
we also had fun this time, well ok! will come again!