Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Singapore Trip-part 1

We used our passport! We took our first flight! We been to Singapore over the weekend!
My kong-kong and po-po decided to make our first family trip, and since I still need my nap often, we decided to go to Singapore where we can shop for half an hour, and go back to hotel for my nap for 2 hours and come out again to continue exploring.

This is me with my kong-kong all excited at LCCT.

I fell asleep during take off, and lucky I woke up in the middle of the flight and get to see the scenary from above the cloud!
Wee!!!! So high!

Arrived at the hotel lobby waiting to be checked in.

Me with my hotel view!
This is how me move about in Singapore, my potter and the loan stroller from Ryeli! Good thinking Kong-kong and po-po to bring papa and jiu-jiu along! :)

Singapore is full of nice glowing things! I love them! See this? Bling!
Ya, shop till I drop!
See what I got? New friends for my niu-niu!

Having fun with jiu-jiu.

~to be continue~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Hello Everybody!

On this special day, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy 2009. May all your wish come true!

* I am really wishing hard you see!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Penang Trip

Hello everybody, let me tell you where I have been last week.

My papa and mama decided to take me to Penang Island. We were staying in this nice hotel call Evergreen Laurel at Gurney Drive, and I REALLY love this hotel! I especially love the bed!

This is me posing on the bed...

Another one of me posing on the bed...As you can see, I really think they have the best bed!

See what the housekeeper did? They even made my "bed"!!

I also love the bath room, I get to bath in this huge bath tub with a lot of water in it! Mama can't upload the video of me in the bath tub, because I didn't allow her to show everyone my pee-pee! So we post this one instead! Me sexy not? Hehehe...

Here's some sight seeing:
Me on the ferry looking out to Penang Bridge
I miss the sea...ah, the sea breeze, so so good!
See you next time!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Love Eating!

My first taste of real food!

And I want more!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My First Food

My papa and mama decided that I am big enough to try out real food! They prepare me my first food today. It was like a big ceremony, my mama cooked me my first porridge, had my papa stand by with the camera. She took out a new bib, my special eating utensils, and we started another milestone of my life:
Eating Real Food!
I really love it, after the first taste, I can't wait for mama to feed me, I want to help myself!
It is really yummy, and I love feeding myself too! I had them all over my face, and it was a lot of fun eating real food! Mama told me that we will be eating real food again tomorrow! I can't wait!
I will be posting the video of me eating, mama has been trying to upload it on you tube since this afternoon.

By the way, I really love my mama's cooking, here I ask her to share her recipe with you.

Baby Porridge
1. soak the rice grain in water for 15min
2. add in 10 parts of water to the grain
3. cook it in a double boiler (30mins) or place the porridge container in the rice cooker while cooking the adults' rice.
4. when done take the porridge out, stir it when hot, until texture smoothen
5. sit to cool, and add in 1 part of breast milk or formula when ready to serve.

Bon Appetit!

Mozzi Mozzi Go Away!

I have been told that I am a sweet baby, and the mozzies think the same too. But I react very badly to them! Once bitten, I will have bad swelling and also blister will form at the stung part! Mama was too heartache to take the picture during the worst time. These are the bites when it is "under control". I look so bad that mama was worry someone will report them for abusing me!
This is on my foot, it had a blister the size of 20cent coin! This one here is already healed, you can see the blister mark on it.

These 2 on my hand, it swell up so much that even my knuckles were bruised!
Have any mama out there have any tips on this type of mozzi reaction?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sneak Preveiw of Head Gear 08-09

If you all remembered I used to have a nice head of hair, and if you notice, I have been having a hair problem lately, maybe it is because most people think I resemble my jiu-jiu too much that I start to have his hair!
So, my stylist decided to give me some head gear to cover up the receding hair line, here are the preview of what's in for the head gear 2009!

Winter '08 cool dude look!

Spring '09 flora collection, nice flora to match the blooming spring.

Summer '09 sunny boy look!

Fall '09 Artist look.

So which look you prefer?

Friday, December 12, 2008

KJ at Cameron HIghland

Hello peps! KJ here, and this is about my recent trip to Cameron Highland.
We decided to join Ryeli and Haye Li to Cameron Highland, so we packed kong-kong, po-po, along with my other toys, and headed up to Cameron Highland.

The first 2 days we spent indoor because it has been pouring. I put on my best gear to inpress the ladies...

See that? I get to kiss Ryeli jie jie!

She loves me! ;P

Who say 3 is a crowd?

Uncle Dennis is warning me off his daughters...hehehe...I knew I am a threat!

But it is not my fault that the girls love me! After all who can resist a charmer like me!??

Since it is raining none stop for 2 days, I got really grumpy staying indoor, eventhough I have the beauties with me. It is time I make full use of my super companions: "KONG-KONG & PO-PO"!

They took me out in the rain, walking around the apartment we stayed, and they thought me a song called "Singing in The Rain". I love you Kong-kong and Po-po!

Finally, on the day that we are leaving, the sun finally shine! Papa and mama decided we have to at least take me to the greens since we are up on Cameron Highland, to prove that we were really there instead of my mama making up the trip just for a post!

We went to a tea plantation, and took some photos before we head back, so see ya, we not lying, we were really at Cameron this holiday!

Ok, will have more trips coming up since we have got a passport now! Will tell you more stories when we come back from other trips! Got a lot of packing to do! Later peps!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

KJ on Tour

Last week papa and mama told me that they are taking me to visit my mah-mah and yeh-yeh (my papa's parents) at Sitiwan. So the night before I slept early, and I took up half of the king size bed.

The next morning after bathing me, my papa and mama put me in my car seat along with some toys and we hit the road.
I slept for the whole trip which is the full 3 hours! My mama is very proud of me!

This is what I do everyday while at Sitiawan, driving around town!

Suddenly my kong-kong and po-po decided to visit us at Sitiawan, and they took a bus to meet us. After meeting up with kong-kong and po-po, we said good bye to mah-mah and yeh-yeh, and went up north to Bukit Mertajam and Butterowrth to visit my po-po's brother and sisters!
This is my yi po, she is my po-po's siter, she is the one who took care of me and my mama when I was born because my po-po was away at the States!

After visiting my po-po's home town, we went back down south, and before we meet up with kuku, my papa's sister, we made a detour to meet up with my kong-kong's sister, er-ku-po.

This is my kong-kong and his sister, they are taking me on her bike.

Phew!! So many sisters...and later I was told that my mama is my jiu-jiu's sister!

After that we hit the road again...
see you....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Have A Passport Now!

Today my kong-kong, papa, and mama took me to the immigration office, they say I am getting a passport so they can take me some where during Christmas holiday!

First mama took me to a place where someone took my photo, I put on my usual charm and only 1 shot we got the best one for the passport!
This is the photo they took. Nice?

Kong-kong help mama to fill in the form and we are ready to go! While waiting, papa kept me amuse by checking out the wall post and the poster:

Finally I got my passport, but I already fell asleep when we got it!

Now, I am ready to travel, where are you taking me?

When we got home, kong-kong took out mama and jiu-jiu's old passport, and here are the photos, who look like who more?