Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where is Butterfly?

There is a butterfly in KJ's "garden", and below is the video of him telling papa what happen to the butterfly.

KJ: "Where is butterfly? Butterfly is eaten by caterpillar!"
Papa, "AHHHH...."

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I am a laughing princess

If you have a bad day, watch me!

I am a little handyman

I love working like my papa, watch how I work with my tool kit!

KJ's 2nd Birthday

Hello everyone, I turned 2 on the 28th of June, and we have an island celebration and on the 1st July we went back to KL for my big birthday party organized by my beloved Kong-kong, Popo, Ah Jiu and ah Che.

First we took a flight, since I am already 2 years old, I am getting my own seat, and this time, I really enjoyed my flight and I was very excited with the whole experience!
Note that both me and my papa looked tired, because our flight was delayed by 2 hours, and I didn't have my nap because I was too excited about the whole flying experience.

When we got back to KL, our grandparents are so happy to see us,
I was having a lot of fun playing with my favourite ah jiu, and he got me a lot of toys!
I got some little dinosaurs toy, and my grandparents got me this lovely bike from the US.
But I got sick on the day of my party, I had fever and the nice Doctor person gave me some medicine to take. And I am the most cooperative medicine taker, everyone watched and cheer for me.
What I love best about birthday part is the singing part,
I looked forward to it the most!

I also LOVE cutting cake!
and of course the eating part.
Thank you all for the lovely presents and good time!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

KA 3 months old update -Mama's Entry

Kai Ann is 3 months old, and she has grown so fast and so well! The recent check up show that she is now 6.9kg (no wonder my arm hurt so much from carrying her for just a few minute), and lenght 65cm. Comparing to KJ who was only 5.4kg, and length 57cm, she is on the 97 percentiles.

KA does not sleep much during the day, but she is very good at night, she wakes up once at about 1 am for feeding, and go straight back to sleep, and the next feed usually around 6am, and she will sleep till 8am, or until her brother wakes up.

Her favourite position is up right, she is a very strong girl and she is already sitting in the high chair to join us at the dinner table.

She loves moving around, and coo responsively to people who greets her. Laughing out loud is her latest acquired skills.

She rolled over once, and like her brother, didn't want to try again.

She loves the sea, and we have to take her for a swim every evening if weather permit. And the sea water is good for her skin. She is still having rashes problem, and her cradle cap is slowly reducing.

This little princess is a lot of work for mama, because she only want mama, but since she turn 3 months old, she is a little bit better, and starting to take her papa well.