Thursday, October 29, 2009

Genting Highland Revisit

After my first visit to Genting Highland with my gong-gong and po-po last year, we revisiting Genting yesterday with them again. This time, I really enjoyed my trip!
I brought my Baba (Barney) along with me to Genting.
There were so many nice things to play and see at Genting Highland.
This is my first ride ever, the Merry-Go-Round, and papa got the privilege to go on the ride with me.
We did some shipping,
and play some nice fun games,
And we ended our night with nice hammering game, and called it a night.

The Next morning the weather was really nice and we tried all the ride that I can go on!

Me in the monorail, and wow!!! I loved it! Everything was so cool and exciting!!

I had most of my ride with my papa, and they were all so much fun!
I am high up there! can you see me!?
Me and kong-kong having a nice cruise on the "river".

I love this Rio Float ride, we got to ride in a whale!

What a tiring day! I need food to gain back my energy!! Can we come back again soon!?!?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The End of my Breastfeeding Journey- Mama's Entry

The beginning of my breastfeeding journey was a tough one, and me being a stubborn cow, finally succeeded, and breastfed KJ exclusively until yesterday 19th October 2009, and I discovered that I have no more milk! I suspected that was due to my pregnancy. Initially I would like to continue breastfeed KJ to 18 months, right before I give birth to no. 2. But it seems like I have to cut short the journey.
The toughest part of weaning KJ now is him getting to sleep. He has been depending on me to get to sleep, and for the past 2 nights, he has to learn to settle down by himself without my nai-nai. As I am typing this post, he is crying in the room with papa, trying to settle down. Yesterday he tried for 30 mins, and tonight he finally settled into sleep in his papa's arm within 15mins. We hope that his crying before sleeping will cease soon. I can't take it any longer to listen to him crying for me. That was one of the reason I delayed the sleep training till now. So here marked the end of my special journey, but my love to KJ will never end here.
Here too mark a very proud mile stone in my life, thank you all who help cheer me and support me during my BF journey!
For those of you wanted to try breastfeeding, failed but want to try again, I will be glad to share my experience with you. Do drop me a line and I will be happy to help!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Monsoon 2009

Hello people, it is the time of the year again, mama and papa are packing up to leave the island.
Here you can see me and the boxes and bags that are going with us to the mainland.

When we are all ready, papa, mama, aunty Kat, Kakak, and me are heading to the mainland in "My Boat". This is me with my very cool looking life vest, and you can see that I really love boat ride, the wind in my hair make me feel like I am flying!!

Mama told me that we will be going to Kong-kong and Popo's house first, but we will not get to play at the beach everyday!

Our car journey was about 7 hours, and we stopped at my kong-kong's hometown Lenggong for dinner, there we had the most delicious ball-ball (fish ball):

The journey wasn't as bad as mama think it was going to be, because papa installed the in flight entertainment for me, and I enjoyed my whole journey back without complaining too much. I only whinged a little during the last 2 hours of the journey, which mama let me get out of my car seat and stretch my legs for a bit.

We arrived home to my kong-kong, popo and jiu-jiu, and everyone were so happy to see me. I was very tired, but was happy to see them all, and I stayed up playing with them till 10pm!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dance with me!

This is me dancing to Barney's tune, and Kakak Anna playing drum for me. You like my move?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My new favourite

I recently got exposed to Barney, and am in love with it! Every morning I woke up after asking for my mama, and nai nai, I will ask for BABA, that's what I call Barney.

This is me on my way to Kota Bharu this morning, papa has installed me the in flight entertainment system to keep me amuse.

Mr. Bug Bug

I love bugs! any bugs...spider, leave bugs, stick insect, moth, butterfly, caterpillar, beetles...

Here's one video of me with a giant stick insect:

And here's another of me playing with a green bug bug:)