Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A bottle of rainbow

We made rainbow in the bottle today. It is very easy!
First u get some sand, and colour chalk, crushed them and roll them woth rolling pin.

Mix them up and make different colours.

Fill in the bottle layer by layer.
Wala! Your own rainbow in the bottle! Do u like mine?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Slacking Mama Big Updater!

My mama has been slacking, and not updating her blog as much as she has been, and she blamed it to us! That we are a handful, and fight all the time!
I mean mama, what are you talking about?? We love each other! Please see for yourself!
Seriously we LOVE each other! 

I just celebrated my 4th birthday, and I am a big boy now! I can protect my sister, look at me! I am a super hero!
 Watch out you bad guys out there! I am super hero 4!
I can read about 30 chinese characters, and master all my alphabets big or small. I love playing around, and my favourite pass time is to draw/ write, I will practice my drawing and writing on recycle paper from mama's work, because mama told me not to waste paper, other wise there will be no tree for us to climb!

Besides drawing/ writing, I also like cooking! Oh boy I really love it! It is my latest obsession! I will wake up early morning and start cooking!!
Besides that we also love swimming and tree climbing. I can now swim and catch my breathe in between the destination. 
I am my mama little helper, I help her wash dishes after our meals. And I will always make sure they are spick and span!


Hello people, I am Kai Ann, and I am 2! I don't need my koko to protect because I can protect myself! Watch out or I will hammer you head off!!

I turned 2 in March and I am fully toilet trained! I love painting, my canvas range from paper to floor, wall and myself! I will do anything that my koko does, my main objective drive him up the walls. I do not take no as an answer, I will make sure I get what I need or your ear will suffer!

I speak like a 4 year old, I can plot my own stories, love singing and dancing. I am a fashion diva, love my gum boots!
We are 2 little stars happily growing up on a lovely beach!

Ok, that's all for this update. Watch out for our video clips!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dancing KJ

KJ loves to dance, even his face can dance!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Kuala Gandah Elephant Senctuary

My papa brought us back to KL and had to go back to island to finished packing so our grandparents decided to bring us to the elephant sanctuary.
So I ride on my ah Kong elephants to see the gentle giant. This is how big an elephant is! And they are so clever too!

And I ride on my popo! The view is nice up here! Just like how the elephant can see!

This elephant sanctuary is very nice, they treat the elephant well, and mama told us that all the elephants were rescued. Some are orphans, because their parents were killed or captured. Some lost their home due to deforestation. Here I am feeding a baby elephant banana.

At the sanctuary there is a man explaining about elephants, and some very clever elephants show us what the elephants can do. We can ride the elephants too, but we went on Deepavali holiday and there were a lot of people, and the ride seats were full, so mama said next time we will try!

Because we came when it is raining, the trip had to cut short. But we were really thrilled to see the elephants and feed them too!

This is after the baby elephants took their bath, we took a group photo with our neighbour. We didn't look too impressed because we were too closed to the elephant, and my friends started to cry so me and my mei-mei also felt disturbed.

Mama told me next time we will go in the river with the elephants and bath with them! We will take papa next time too!

Note from mama:
This is a must visit with your kids. It is a very well taken care of place, no administration fee, only donation. You can bring food and picnic there, bathing with the elephants seems really nice. You will have to obtain another type of pass for bathing and riding elephants. They are doing this so to limit the number of trips for the elephants. They are at the sanctuary for protection not for show.
A lot of information about elephants can be seen around the park, and lovely environment they have for the elephants old and young.
It is only about 1.5 hr drive from Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monsoon Holiday part 2 - Reptile and Butterfly Farm Melaka

Hello all, here is the second part of our very happening monsoon holiday, within 1 week, my mama got us to see many things. This time we have to go to see doctor at Tangkak for our allergies so we went to Ayer Keroh to see some real crocodile!
We arrived at the Reptile and Butterfly Park along with papa and mama, and off we went to explore the park.
We were first greeted by this huge Galapagos Lizard, I really love it! It loves his vegie just like us!

The park is not very stroller friendly so I help my papa and mama to carry KA's stroller when going up and down the stairs.
I loveeeeee the reptiles, especially the snakes! I got soooo excited being able to see the snakes up close!
Check out the size of this python! Papa said it can swallow a cow whole! Woah!
FINALLY! I got to see the REAL crocodile. There were so many crocodiles here, and we saw one went underwater, and blew bubbles through the eyes! Papa said he had never seen crocodile which could blow bubbles through the eyes before!
I ask the crocodiles if they are selfish (the show Selfish Crocodile), but they seem to share the pond with each other without fighting, so mama told me they were good crocodiles and sharing crocodiles.

When my brother running around yelling with excitement I just enjoy sitting in my stroller, feeling like a princess.

My favorite part of the part is the butterfly park. There are so many pretty butterflies and flowers around. My brother would point them out for me, and sometimes tried to catch one for me. But my mama got crossed at him for doing that, because she said it will hurt the butterfly.

Look at me, am I as pretty as the butterfly?

We love our adventure at the Butterfly and Reptile Farm.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kai Ann's allergy - 2nd Visit to Tangkak Dr. Wong

Through a blog mom's recommendation, we took KA to see Dr. Wong who practice NAET. After 1 and a half month of taking the drop given by the doc, we revisited him for a follow up.
Her egg allergy was 25 (range between 0-25 for allergy level, for 25 being the highest), and it is now dropped to 7. He informed that we are doing very well for her allergy to dropped from highest to 7. And it would be totally cured in no time!
Both KJ and papa's allergy improved also, and best news is KA had less skin irritation since we started the drops. The fee is not cheap for the revisit, it is RM100 for the new drop. In total we spent RM240/person for 2 visits so far. But we felt it is worth it, if the allergy can be neutralized!
For those who wanted contact for Dr. Wong, here is the info:
Clinic Wong
No. 114, Jalan Payamas, Tangkak Johor.
Clinic hour is 8-1245, 2-4.30pm Monday - Friday. Weekend please call to find out timing.

It is very easy to find, take Tangkak exit, after toll, turn right, and go into Tangkak town, go straight after seeing police station on your left, it is the shop lot right pass the police station on your left.

You can go there for the famous beef noodle before seeing the doc. Good luck!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1st week of our monsoon holiday - Part 1

We are back from the island for the monsoon, and mama wasted no time and started our adventure with a lot of things lined up.
First she found out that we manage to catch the last show of "The Selfish Corcodile" by the Bunderbus Theatre, and she took me there. This is the second time I have been to watch a live theatre. The first one was Elmer the Elephant but I think my mama forgot to blog it. This time I am 3 years 4 months old, and am a big boy. I enjoyed the show more, and dance and sang along with the animal a lot. I even get to play ball with the antelope! My mama bought me the book and we have to read the story every night! Wonder where was my papa? He had to miss all this because he went to Johor to attend his friend's wedding.
The next day we went to KL Bird Park with my best friend Lukas and his sister Maya, my sister's best friend.
This peacock was a show off, he flew to my front, and opened up his tail and made sure everyone saw him and took picture of him!
See what I mean?
After watching all the birds, we took a break on the swing.
This is us, mama said we were monkeys in Bird Park!
I like bird park, we can have our meal in the restaurant and watching bird at the same time. Also I like watching papa and mama fighting with the birds because they keep coming to steal our meals!

More adventure coming up!