Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunway Lagoon

My kong-kong served with Kiwanis Malaysia, and each year Sunway Lagoon will sponsor the under privilege children a chance to enjoy at Sunway Lagoon. My papa and mama decided to also take us along (paying full cause we are not under privilege) to Sunway Lagoon.

We were enjoying ourselves at the wet park, but I am not very happy with the adventure pool there, cause the roof leak! (KJ hate the bucket of water tipping over when filled so he told papa that the roof leak!

This giant bucket poured water on people, and everyone sit in front of it waiting for it to tip over, but me and my mei-mei didn't like it!
But we both loved the wave pool. It reminded us of home...minus the sand.
I loved swimming underwater now, and I also like sneaking up to mei-mei and grab her feet.
This is my silly koko, I love him very much, and I wish I can do all the things he can do!!
I love splashing about in the water, it was very cold at first, but as soon as I got used to it, I just don't want to leave!!
I love swimming with papa and mama,
I am just watching everything my brother does, and I am sure very soon I can make silly face like him too!
After the water park we went to the wildlife park, and see some friends of mine!
Hello lizard!
What's up?
Mama, look, the monkey is hungry!!
These are my all time favourite, crocodile! And these are really big crocodile!
Papa, look 3 tortoises big, small, and smallest!
Mama, this one very smelly!

Wonder where was I?
I was so tired after the swim that I knocked out in my stroller!
It was a very nice day out! We should come back again! Papa and mama said they wanna bungee jump next time! hmmm...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Countdown at Cameron Highland

Papa and Mama decided to take us togather with ah kong and popo to join our friends HayeLi and RyeLi to Cameron Highland for the new year.
This is my second trip to Cameron Highland, and this time round I am mobile and can explore the place on my own!
3 of us were having a blast together from making faces to playing and sleeping. Mama call us the monkeys!
Happy 2011 from the 3 monkeys!
We played at the hot spring at Kuala Woh
Untitled Image.jpeg
I love the suspension bridge
Untitled Image 1.jpeg
Showing the girls how a brave boy look like!
But later when my papa decided to wash my eczema spot behind my leg, and I wasn't so cool anymore!
As for me, I just love being in the outdoor! I have my mule with me, and that is the most important! He takes me everywhere!
Untitled Image 3.jpeg
I laugh and giggle when I am having fun with my papa. Can you see my teeth?
Untitled Image 2.jpeg
I can't wait to join my brother and RyeLi and HayeLi to run around! Mama say next year I will be able to join them to monkey around!
Untitled Image 8.jpeg
The weather at the Cameron Highland is not too good, but whenever there is no rain, we will go out and play at the playground. I shown the girls how to jump from very high place!
Untitled Image 4.jpeg
After a few round of showing off, accident happened! I fell...
Untitled Image 6.jpeg
and grazed my forehead...but there were ladies watching so I only cried a little bit and continue to play.
When the weather is not good, we stay home and eat junk food, (my first exposure to junk food, and am loving them!)
Untitled Image 17.jpeg
watch movie on RyeLi's iPod Touch,
Untitled Image 18.jpeg
or just getting cozy....

As for me...I observed and...
Untitled Image 14.jpeg

When weather is better, also visited the tea farm,
Untitled Image 20.jpeg
It is very nice and green.

Untitled Image 22.jpeg
and I especially love the brownie and ice cream!!

Untitled Image 25.jpeg
had so much fun with popo just doing silly things!
Untitled Image 26.jpeg
It is such a lovely holiday with family and friends, papa and mama, we must make this a annual destination ok?!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Influenza A - Mama's Entry

After celebrated new year both KJ and KA were down with high fever (39.4C),on the 2nd day KJ's fever subsided but KA continue to have high fever, they were both given antibiotics and doc noticed redness on both their throats, but KJ's was milder compared to KA. On the 3rd day, I started to have high fever (39C), sore throat, and chesty cough. I haven't fall sick since I was pregnant with KJ, and this is one of the worst I have had as far as I can remembered.
When I went to the doctor, he suspected Influenza A, and suggested a test, and result came back positive. And decided to ask papa to take the test since he too wasn't feeling well, and the result came back negative. Now left the babies, and we brought them both to the pediatrician for the test, and result came back that Kai Ann is positive and KJ is negative. So we had to be separated, the boys in 1 room, and the girls in another. I continue to breastfeed Kai Ann and doctor gave us tamiflu for the virus. KA's fever was under control when she started tamiflu, and it took me 2 days to cleared mine. But the side effect of the drug was giving Kai Ann strange dreams that she will screamed at night, and it also made me edgy.
We self quarantine for a week, but it was hard to keep KJ away, he was sleeping with his papa, and when papa got sick and he went to sleep with his grandparents. But when he woke up, he loved to hang out with his sister and me, and luckily he didn't catch the virus! That 1 week was worst than confinement, because there was no visitors, and we tried not to go out from the house to avoid in contact with the neighbours.
Thank god for supportive family we manage a major illness as a unit (all 4 of us), and all went well. KJ was such a good boy when papa and mama were sick he was so understanding and let us rest. KA was not too hard too except taking her medicine! Always need 2 of us when is her medicine time. Unlike her brother, he always ask for medicine. We call him junkie!
I pray for good health for everyone in the family during this new year! And also good health to all of you!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

KJ and his imagination

Hello I am KJ, when I was this small I love imagining little bugs, and rain. They were my favourite things, and they cheer me up!

When I grow a little bit more, my imagination got bigger! One day I will be a little explorer, sail to the widest sea with my papa.
Sometimes I will imagine I am a dragon dancer...
Or the clever little pig who tricked the bog bad wolf!
I created my world with everything I can get...
I can built anything I want with my beloved Lego. (Yes I constructed both the airplanes)
Recently I have become Buzz Lightyear
I love his courage, and his loyalty....
I can fly like him, and be the toughest toy!

I took care of my "equipment" very well, everyday when my mama bath me, I will polish my laser, make sure my mama wash my wings, and wipe them dry so they don't rusted over!

I have a special button call "right on the bow" which I will press my "ding-dong" and fly!

Ok, see you! RIGHT ON THE BOW!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Singapore Trip - Underwater World

A quick one before we move on to our new adventure of 2011. The last part of our Singapore trip:
The Underwater World!

It is like home here with lots of marine creatures. Mama and papa were as excited as we were.

The coolest thing to me is the conveyor belt, I ran up and down on it so many times till my papa told me the belt is tired, and needed a rest!

My mei-mei was really tired watching me, she fell asleep for most of the time!

When we were done with the underwater world, we were told to pose for the camera at the exit, and they took a group photo for us. The girl who took the picture thought I was very funny!
Mei-mei, I will bring you again, and next time you will get to enjoy the "conveyor belt"!