Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mr Dribble

I love playing balls, and since I learn how to walk, we learn new tricks, dribbling the ball, watch how well I do!

Life's a Beach!

Hello Everyone! How are you? Me? I am very busy! Busy learning to walk, exploring my world, and busy being a full time beach bum! Come join me and see a day of my life!

When I wake up, I go to the beach...

than I spend more time there pondering about what I should do next...

maybe putting some sand on my face...

jump the waves...

that was really fun!
after my papa will join me when he is done with work, and we will do the boat jump, I love this game a lot!

I love hanging out with me papa and mama on the beach!Now that I can walk, I can join them to walk the beach!

After the sun went down, mama will make me dinner, and these are some picture of me posing for camera.

I am very good to smile for photo shoots now after so many resort guest taking photos of me! :)

Ok, am tired now, will keep you posted soon! Bai bai!