Saturday, April 18, 2009

Club House Fun

I am back in town and here are some of me playing at the club house at my Kong-Kong & Po-Po's place.Me and Po-Po having a good time.

Me on the slide.

Me and Kong-Kong in my favourite play house, see I can now stand while holding on to object.

Me and jiu-jiu swimming, above is me showing jiu-jiu birds above us, and below is my sea otter impersonation!

I love shower!

Jiu-jiu, welcome to my house!! But it is too crowded in here!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Pneumococcal vaccine trip

Papa & mama is taking me back to KL for my pneumococcal vaccine, is not that we can't get it at Kota Bharu, but it is also an excuse to let me see my grand parents from both side. So we had our:
Boat trip...I love the boat ride, but there was too much adrenalin that I fell asleep as we pull into the port.

and my long missed car seat, I love the car ride...well, at least for the first 1 hour of the journey...

I fell asleep again...and woke up, and sleep and finally we arrived!

This is me and papa the the doctor's clinic, but it wasn't for the jab, because I got fever on the day we arrived KL! Mama thought it was typical! :)

This is me in a play house at the club house, as you can see I felt better, and will be getting the jab finally!

Hey, come in and play with me!!!!

Finally we got our jab today! I am still a happy chappy after the jab! More club house fun later!

My Island Life

Hello all, here are some pictures of what I have been up to lately.

I have been making new friends lately, and I discover that I really like kids! This is my new friend Gawa, she's Italian, I think she is very pretty and clever, because she can walk!!

Aunt Libby came to visit from Australia, and she brought me some cool sun gear, this is one of them, my Mr. Corc sun guard, do I look smart in it? Now I can go out and play when the sun is strong! (Mama: "NOT!")

Here you can see my teeth, I have 6 teeth now, so no more gummy bear-bear!! I bite!!

This is my play pan papa made me, and it is the biggest play pan, see how many friends I can fit in my play pan? Come join me in the play pan when you visit me! I got lots of toys!

Ok, got to go play now, bai-bai!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another Trick I Know

This is what I like best, faking the cough!

Have a bad day? Watch this!

Hey everyone! KJ is back in town for a jab, with access super speed internet, mama uploaded this. I would like to share this with you, enjoy!

What happened? My po-po's neighbour Marianne visited us during Easter, and she is such a funny lady, she show me this trick and I just found it so funny! I was in tears!