Sunday, July 26, 2009

13 months old update

Hello everybody! Sorry for not updating my blog recently. My mama got really busy and she doesn't let me blog without her assistance!! The internet connection is almost impossible to upload photo at the moment, so we are going to do some text only update on this one.

I am turning 13 months tomorrow, and since my last update I have learned a few new skills:

I can walk now, toddling and tumbling here and there, not very good yet, but I am loving this new skill. I walk around the restaurant, and also walking hand in hand on the beach with my papa and mama. I like falling on the sand, drop and roll sometimes, it is really fun!

I can now call a few things by name:

Ah py - Spider
Ah Bo - Ball
Ah Boot - Anything round like egg, onion... including my kakak and my Aunty Libby.
But - fruit bats
burr - Bird
calp - crab
Ah ber jack - Orange
ah meh - mama
pa - papa
ah po - popo
ah murk - Uncle Mervyn
bzzzzz - bee, or Uncle Shane
Hi pie - High 5

I like to read books on my own, and my mama can actually left me reading and she can go minding her own business and left me alone for a while.

I still love my food, now learning to feed myself, and papa refuse to sit next to me because I always want to high 5 him in the middle the meal.

I can drink very well from a cup myself, but occasionally I like to wash my hair with my drinks if mama is not watching. Have you tried is before? it is real refreshing!!

That a few things I can do now. My mama says she will post my island birthday party photos soon!

Please visit me ya, I love to have visitors to play with! Mama been busy and papa been diving so much that they don't have much time to play with me!

See you! Tata!

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ryeli said...

ah ber jack? did that become orange. it's ok, they say babies who make up their own words for things are very smart! :D

btw, ur mummy forgot 'ah pek'.

we miss u kai jin, we wanna c u everyday but our pockets don't allow it la....we c u when u come back to kl ok?! tk care!