Sunday, September 13, 2009

14 and a half Month Old - Mama's Entry

Time flies, my baby is now almost 15 month old, and he sure can do a lot now!

He can now:

Say a few things, he speaks some Mandarin, but he certainly understand English too.
His biggest word is now a 3 syllabus word "Butterfly", sometimes he say it really clear, but sometimes it sounds like "Babafly". He has many commands like "pok" means peel when he hands you an orange (his favourite fruit). "xia chee" means go down when is wants to get off the high chair or the bed. Babul means Bubbles for his bath or asking someone to blow bubbles for him.

This is KJ when he's enjoying his Orange.

This is KJ in the semi automatic babble mode!

Since he started to walk right after his birthday, he's been walking non-stop. There are time that everyone at Bubbles at worn out by him running round and round the restaurant. It sure is nice to watch him toddling around, but now we are all so tired running after him!

His ball playing skills improve, from dribbling, he now kick ball, and control it for a distance! He can throw rather accurately over his head, and roll the ball to the desire direction without miss.
Everyone at the resort think he will either become a footballer, or a NBA player.

1 comment:

ryeli said...

kj, i understand ur babble! :D

u lost some baby fat eh...looking taller u. must be all that dribbling and kicking.

my papa and i will come see you soon next weekend! i can't wait! too bad my mei-mei can't see you, u shld teach her how 2 kick balls.