Thursday, November 19, 2009

Visit to Bird Park

I love animals, birds, and bugs. So my kong-kong and jiu-jiu decided to take us all to the bird park in KL. I had a blast of a time there!
I find a lot of interesting birds there, and most of them I have never seen on the island before, like this Horn bill!

I ride on papa most of the time, but I enjoy running around on my own!
Besides watching birds, I had my favourite ice cream there! Yum!
I met little chic for the first time! They are so cute and fluffy! but the adults don't let me touch them fearing that I will squash them!!Hello Mr. Ostrich! I am taller than you!

It was really really fun! The adults were all exhausted but I am still very excited about the visit! Can we come back again please papa?!

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