Friday, June 25, 2010

Toilet Training KJ - Mama's Entry

4 days before KJ's 2nd birthday we have decided to start toilet train him.
Since KJ is about 5 months old we started putting him on potty every morning to do his "doodie", and he has been very good in letting us know when he need to poop. Until recently, this boy stopped informing us when he need to do his big business. So I have decided to start toilet train him, and take him off his nappy, cause he is getting too comfortable in his nappy.

Day 1: He did his morning "business" in the toilet, and after breakfast we successfully coax him into peeing in the toilet. And that was the only success for the whole day, after the morning, he was happily going in his training pants, and only notifying us when he wet his pants. He even poop in his pants, and refused to be washed by the maid.

Day 2 (Today): Successful morning business, 2 wet pants, and 1 successful peeing in the toilet right before nap time, which earn him reward of 3 stories. We told him if he does not soil his pants later, he will get 5 stories as his bed time stories. (He loves his stories.)

Me being the geeky mom like I always does is reading up all about toilet training now. Am open to suggestions from all experience mom! I want the experience to be less stress for both parents and child. Hubby has been really supportive in this so far!

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