Sunday, July 4, 2010

KJ's 2nd Birthday

Hello everyone, I turned 2 on the 28th of June, and we have an island celebration and on the 1st July we went back to KL for my big birthday party organized by my beloved Kong-kong, Popo, Ah Jiu and ah Che.

First we took a flight, since I am already 2 years old, I am getting my own seat, and this time, I really enjoyed my flight and I was very excited with the whole experience!
Note that both me and my papa looked tired, because our flight was delayed by 2 hours, and I didn't have my nap because I was too excited about the whole flying experience.

When we got back to KL, our grandparents are so happy to see us,
I was having a lot of fun playing with my favourite ah jiu, and he got me a lot of toys!
I got some little dinosaurs toy, and my grandparents got me this lovely bike from the US.
But I got sick on the day of my party, I had fever and the nice Doctor person gave me some medicine to take. And I am the most cooperative medicine taker, everyone watched and cheer for me.
What I love best about birthday part is the singing part,
I looked forward to it the most!

I also LOVE cutting cake!
and of course the eating part.
Thank you all for the lovely presents and good time!!

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Fannie said...

mama, all kj's pics takda senyum punya?? he must be really unwell huh?