Sunday, August 1, 2010

Getting My Birdy Fix

My birdy has been really sore lately, and mama found blood on my diaper, and she decided to take me back to KL. So we took plane back to KL together with Uncle Chris and gang.
This is me looking at a helicopter at Subang Air Port. It is really cool, me and uncle Chris were having fun watching it.
The next day we went to see doctor, and doctor told mama that he need to fix my birdy, and we had to go for a "surgery".
So that night, ah jiu and mama told me stories about Buzz Light Year getting circumcision, Woody getting circumcision, and the whole night all the characters in the stories all got circumcised!

Because papa had to work, ah jiu accompany me to the hospital the next day.
We were at the waiting hall and they were showing Thomas Train on the tv! I really like this hospital!

We checked in to a room so mama and Kai Ann can rest together with me. And I started to get hungry, and demanded for my lunch, but mama say no food until after the surgery!
Suddenly a nurse came asking to changed into an ugly scrub, and I protested and refused to wear the hideous looking garment, and went to the OT in my own nice shirt!

Mama sent me to the entrance of the OT and had to go back to Kai Ann cause she was crying so loud that the whole hospital can hear her! So I went to with ah jiu, and he told me stories about Buzz Lightyear, and the nurse gave me Buzz lightyear's mask, and that was really cool!
When I woke up, I didn't feel too good, and I saw my popo, and I started to cry. (Before this I didn't cry at all!)
And yes they put on that hideous looking scrub on me when I was asleep! That is why I am not happy!
Once I changed back to my cool dude shirt, I am a happy boy again! And I got happier When I saw monorail train from the hospital window!
After a while I started to fell hungry again, and demand for my food, so my kong kong and popo got me some food.

and so I eat...
and eat...Yes I was really hungry!

After that doctor and nurses came to see if I am ok, and I was a bit worry, but I am a brave boy and I didn't cry!

This is how brave boy eat medicine, no fuss, no complain!
I got a Buzz Light Year as a present for being a brave boy!

When I got home I refuse to put on pants because it hurt! So I went bottomless for the whole day!
See how popo tide my shirt with a rubber bend so it didn't touch my birdy.

On the 3rd day after operation, I am back to normal and went out to have breakfast with Hornbill.

Now it is still painful, but I am jumping up and down and running around when I forget about it, but sometimes I will request to be carry around because it is very painful. I have got new game now which is fixing body part, which involve sawing and cutting the part and fixing it.

Oh, during the whole operation day, I must have heard not less than 500 stories, cause I keep demanding for them! Lucky my ah jiu is a story machine! Thank you ah jiu!


MieVee @ said...

Well done, brave boy! Get well soon. :)

ryeli said...

you brave brave boy! *muacks and kisses from all of us!*

Joyful.Mum said...

This is the first time auntie visit you and is very touched with your story. Auntie is going to add you in auntie's house (blog). You are a very brave boy!!