Monday, February 14, 2011

Cheeky Kai Ann -Mama's Entry

My darling little girl is growing very fast, with number 2, we hardly notice how fast she grew and she is almost 1 year old!!!

Our cheeky little bee is a potential heart breaker. Her twinkling eyes, and cheeky smile get her away from murder!
We are glad that as she grew older, her rash problem is gone. I can now eat my favourite egg dish. I even tried shellfish, and she seems ok. Wohooo! I get to eat proper food again.
She is now releasing her grip and attempting to stand without support, but she is still learning, and very reluctantly. She is much more adventurous than her brother. And she is now learning to speak!!

She can call mama, papa, ge (brother), popo, fish, teng (lantern), and she mutter teng nai-nai (pretty lantern) yesterday! She did by chance mimic us some words before. And having a talkative brother around helps her pick up speech faster I suppose.

With her turning 1 in about a month and half time, we are expecting more surprise to come!

We love you our fierce little tigress!

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