Monday, May 23, 2011

KJ's Photo Journal

Hello Everyone, I am KJ, almost 3 years old.
sand time
I am a busy beach bum, playing sand, swimming,
me and my bike
Riding my bicycle, hunting dragon
humdee dumdee
creating things with my imagination...
crocodile having afternoon nap
Story telling is still top of my list, like this is a story about crocodile taking their afternoon nap. If you can't see that I meant, you need to update your imagination!
I am very big in dragon, and "How to Train your Dragon" been on my box office top chart for a very long time after "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2".

Recently I took a liking to photography:
me and papa
I have been snapping away on my mama's iPod. This is me and my hero, PAPA!!

mei-mei in de graden
This is my mei-mei in the garden chasing butterfly.

self portrait
This is me, mama, and mei-mei...

self portrait 2
And me, myself, and things around me on the move!

You like my photography skill?

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