Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Slacking Mama Big Updater!

My mama has been slacking, and not updating her blog as much as she has been, and she blamed it to us! That we are a handful, and fight all the time!
I mean mama, what are you talking about?? We love each other! Please see for yourself!
Seriously we LOVE each other! 

I just celebrated my 4th birthday, and I am a big boy now! I can protect my sister, look at me! I am a super hero!
 Watch out you bad guys out there! I am super hero 4!
I can read about 30 chinese characters, and master all my alphabets big or small. I love playing around, and my favourite pass time is to draw/ write, I will practice my drawing and writing on recycle paper from mama's work, because mama told me not to waste paper, other wise there will be no tree for us to climb!

Besides drawing/ writing, I also like cooking! Oh boy I really love it! It is my latest obsession! I will wake up early morning and start cooking!!
Besides that we also love swimming and tree climbing. I can now swim and catch my breathe in between the destination. 
I am my mama little helper, I help her wash dishes after our meals. And I will always make sure they are spick and span!


Hello people, I am Kai Ann, and I am 2! I don't need my koko to protect because I can protect myself! Watch out or I will hammer you head off!!

I turned 2 in March and I am fully toilet trained! I love painting, my canvas range from paper to floor, wall and myself! I will do anything that my koko does, my main objective drive him up the walls. I do not take no as an answer, I will make sure I get what I need or your ear will suffer!

I speak like a 4 year old, I can plot my own stories, love singing and dancing. I am a fashion diva, love my gum boots!
We are 2 little stars happily growing up on a lovely beach!

Ok, that's all for this update. Watch out for our video clips!

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