Wednesday, February 11, 2009

KJ Got Fever

On the last day of Chinese New Year after saying good bye to my friend Liv, I got fever. This is the first time I am down with illness. I had slight fever once on the day I turn 5 month old, but that only last for a couple of hours. This time, I had a temperature above 38c. Mama stayed up the whole night keeping me upright because I can't breath when lying flat. At 4am, mama woke me up, and she took me to the bath room and told me she's going to sponge me down. I don't know why but it was fun. I laughed and played when she sponged me down.

The next morning papa and mama took me to see Doctor.
This is me at the clinic...see how sick I was?! What do you mean you can't tell that I was sick? I was listless!
This is me that night, my temperature went up, mama and papa woke me up again to sponge me down and this is I look sick to you? (Uncle Harick is teaching to play cards.)

This is me being sponged down...or rather being tub down!

But that night my temperature went up to 40c, and didn't get down even after several time of sponging down. Papa and mama had a sleepless night. I wasn't a happy chappy anymore! I screamed and wailed during the sponging down, papa and mama got very worried. Finally they took me to Damansara Specialist Hospital, on the way there I was very listless (this time is for real!). When we got to the hospital, mama took me down to register, and papa went to park the car, when papa came in to I started to perspired, and suddenly I got up from mama's arm and start bouncing again. I felt better even before I see the doctor.

This is me at the cashier, all chirpy and happy, temperature back to normal!
aHhh...mama said I have won my first battle, and I am a brave warrior!

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Mrs Kam said...

Well done, KJ. Lots of bugs flying around these days, so do take good care! Poor daddy and mummy gonna worried throughout the nights. Kudos to your Mama and Baba!!!