Monday, February 2, 2009

Gong Xi Gong Xi! KJ First Chinese New Year

Hello people, sorry have been a busy bee lately, what I have been up to? Chinese New Year! Yeah. I love Chinese New Year, cause everything is in my favourite colour RED!!! Here's some pictures of what I did during my CNY.Went back to my papa's home town for CNY, in my new clothes.
Waiting for my food at the reunion dinner table.
Yeah, these are my people! Enjoy your meal!
Next morning I got into my farmer john and went off visiting relatives.

This is at my great grand parents' house, mama told me that this short door is hard to come by nowadays, so she insisted we took a picture with it.
After getting red packets from the elderly, we sat around chit chating with papa's cousins.
After that papa took me on the bike which I would never be allowed to do in the city, wheee!!! I love the bike!
After that I play with papa, and go to sleep in all the noisy fire crackers, but to be awaked by the noise of a little geckko in the room. (mama wants to kill it!)
The next day we went to Ipoh for another dinner, and more red packets, you like my out fit?
And finally we took a kids photo with yeh-yeh and mah-mah, but I was more interested in the fish.
Phew, what a holiday!


HuiWuen said...

get many many red packet, now u become very rich liao hor. haha...
when treat kuku eat big meal??


Kai-Jin said...

I treat kuku nen nen want?

Mrs Kam said...


Happy Lunar New Year!!!

Yes, yes, same here, I love the motorbike, my dada and mama brought me for the ride while we were at kampung. So coooool, I refused to get down from the bike!