Friday, April 17, 2009

Pneumococcal vaccine trip

Papa & mama is taking me back to KL for my pneumococcal vaccine, is not that we can't get it at Kota Bharu, but it is also an excuse to let me see my grand parents from both side. So we had our:
Boat trip...I love the boat ride, but there was too much adrenalin that I fell asleep as we pull into the port.

and my long missed car seat, I love the car ride...well, at least for the first 1 hour of the journey...

I fell asleep again...and woke up, and sleep and finally we arrived!

This is me and papa the the doctor's clinic, but it wasn't for the jab, because I got fever on the day we arrived KL! Mama thought it was typical! :)

This is me in a play house at the club house, as you can see I felt better, and will be getting the jab finally!

Hey, come in and play with me!!!!

Finally we got our jab today! I am still a happy chappy after the jab! More club house fun later!

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