Thursday, May 28, 2009

11 month and counting!

I am 11 month old today!!
I am a big boy, and my mama said 1 more month I am going to 1 year old! A 1 WHOLE YEAR!!! Mama told me that we are going to have a big party, and I get to have a cake for myself, but the adults will eat it, and I am not allowed!

Anyway, I am really a big boy now, many people come to the resort think I am 1 year plus. I love friends now, and love talking too. See below is me and some of my friends.
This is Le-Le jie jie from Penang, she's my play pan and sand castle playmate.

Picture showing me playing with Lion and Silas, I am the shortest one. Lion is teaching me and Silas how to draw!

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Mrs Kam said...

Yeah, KJ didi, you are going to be 1 year old soon! Would you invite me to your BIG PARTY?!!