Thursday, May 21, 2009

Signing KJ

I got more and more verbal lately, but my papa and mama can't understand a word I said, and that drive me crazy! Mama decided to teach me sign language, so we can communicate. Being a geeky mama, she bought a book on baby signing, and started teaching me sign language.

In the beginning papa thought I didn't pay any attention to my mama's silly sign. But one day I shown my mama milk sign, and she was so happy! But papa think it was a fluke, until I show him again when asked.

Now I can sign for:
good bye/hello (I can even say Bye-bye and Hi)
no more
NO NO!! ( I know how to shake my head since yesterday)
milk (I stop signing for that cuase all I need to do is to give mama "that look" and she knows)
and finally this is my favourite sign: Comb my hair please!

My mama having trouble taking picture of me signing, but she promised to take them and post them once she got the chance!

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Kirsty P said...

Kai Jin this is so cute!