Monday, December 14, 2009

Hatyai Hospital

We made a trip to Hatyai Thailand few days ago, and I got sick on the second night. Had fever, and the adults got worried, and took me to see doctor. I was brought to a private hospital, and that was an eye opener to everyone!

Thailand is called the land of thousand smile, and even the hospital is full of them too! The service was incredible! When we arrived, a PR welcomed us, and help mama to register me.
As seen below, the pretty ladies in blues are the PR who attended to everyone who walked in.

Since mama is pregnant, they gave her a mask to protect her, I didn't like how she looks with the mask on, so I hung out with my jiu jiu at the waiting hall.
We didn't have to wait long and a nurse came to took me and my papa to a treatment room, and they sponged me down in there. Everyone can hear me screamed from the lobby! I didn't like how the plastic bed feel on my back! After being sponged down, the doctor saw me and talk to my papa and mama. It wasn't anything serious, just slight fever and a little sore throat, so they sent me out to play with jiu-jiu again.
Yes I know I didn't look sick here, but trust me, I was REALLY not well!

Anyway, while waiting all the adults got free drinks from the hospital, a tea lady pushed a trolley, with special lemon grass tea free for anyone who is in the waiting room. They even wrote the nutrition value of the drinks but they are in Thai so nobody understood.

When it was time to pay, my kong-kong went to the cashier and paid, and mama and papa are all guessing how much the bill will be with such good service. And the bill turn out to be...........
450Bhatt!! (about RM45)

They all said they will come back if they got sick again! But I know I won't! The bed was horrible!


nann nann said...

哈哈!這篇寫得好好笑,我也想去那邊看醫生 ;)

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KittyCat said...

Congrats on your pregnancy :) I love Thailand...