Friday, February 5, 2010

Counting KJ's family member - Mama's entry

KJ loves to count his family members especially during a car ride, he will go: "Papa, Mama, Kong-Kong, Popo, Jiu-Jiu, che-che, ter-ter." And whoever that he grew fond of during a visit or was in the car that day. Each time he says the names he will nod as if taking account of each of them. Today we went to my parents' office, there is a Bangladeshi worker Aman at the office that KJ likes to play with came to greet KJ. When we left to go home, and there was only My brother and me in the car, and we were on our way to pick up his papa, so Kai-Jin asked," Papa? eh-he?" (where is papa?) I told him we are on our way now to pick up papa, and he started to count his family, "Ah Jiu, mama, papa, Aman." My brother say, "Oh, Aman is your family member ya?"

To be named in KJ's list is not easy, some tried very hard and still never be named. There are just a handful of privilege ones. :)

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