Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trip To Penang

Hello all, here's another family trip to Penang recently.

Auty Ilse and Uncle Brian were visiting from Amsterdam, so we made a trip to Penang. This time I enjoy the trip more than last year's trip. I get to do a lot of things this time, and we stayed at Gurney Hotel where they have this really cool swimming pool:

I just love the slides! I had so much fun that I refused to go back!

Another I love about the hotel is the view! I just loved the view up there, I even did my business admiring the sea view!

We also visited Khoo Kong Si, I just loved it there, because I get to climb all the steps, and trying to run between doors. That made my papa, mama, and the guard nervous because of all the antiques! :P
Posing with Aunty Ilse and Uncle Brian, and mama in one of the halls.
Me outside the building.

Me and papa watching a short documentary on the building.

It will not be a trip to Penang without food! This time I know how to enjoy yummy food, and I LOVEEEE Penang food!!
This is at New Lane enjoying hawker food with Uncle Ben, Aunty Jo, and Le Le jie jie as our host.

and this is really yummy banana leave rice with Uncle Ben and Aunty Shirley. I love papadom!

And we finally ended our holiday with a nice ferry ride.
This is me and papa in aw with the ferries, and other vessels around us!


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