Sunday, March 7, 2010

A visit to FRIM

My jiu-jiu worried that I got urbanized too much since I left the island for too long, and he decided to take me to somewhere close to nature! We went to FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia).There we saw a lot of animals! Jiu jiu is pointing at some monkeys for me.
I get to ride in the backpack, while jiu-jiu become my donkey! This is usually my papa's job, but he is away back to the island to work, so my jiu-jiu got the honour.

After a short hike, we decided that the weather is too hot for this polar bear family, and we stop by a little waterfall to enjoy the cool stream. Mama told me that we have a creek where papa used to take me every evening when we were on the island. I do remember that place. It was so much fun! And this place is not too bad too!
After playing the in the water, we all got hungry, and I got very tired, as you can see on my face, that I am getting very "stone" from all the excitement.
We have to hike back down, and it is more tiring when the weather is getting hot!

This is us, after getting back to the foot of the hill. We all had a good time!!! My city slicker jiu-jiu will have muscle ache tomorrow I think. And mama say I will have to give him massage tomorrow cause I kept wanting him to carry me!

Thanks for such a good time jiu-jiu! We should go back again!!


YuinTing Chin said...

With all these wonderful exposures, I'm sure Kai Jin will grow up to become a very tough guy.

The Kam family said...

Next time we go together :-)

Kai-Jin said...

Yuin Ting, thanks! We really hope he grow to be a tough kampung boy! :)

Kam family, yes yes, we should go together one day. And also the elephant sanctuary!