Friday, April 9, 2010

Talking KJ and his punch lines - mama's entry

I always read other people's blog about their kids conversation, and some funny remarks from a child, and wonder when will it be our turn. And now KJ is a parrot, and he has been talking none stop lately, with extra long sentences, there are a couple of conversation that I would like to record down.

One day at the car porch:
Ah Jiu (my brother) and KJ are playing near the sand box, and KJ took a broom and started sweeping up his mess.
KJ, "Aiyo!" Indicating the messy floor.
Ah Jiu, "Yes, look at the mess! Who made a mess?"
KJ matter of factly, "Ah Che!"
Ah Jiu >_<"

At Ikea:
Papa carried KJ from car park, after 30sec, KJ requested his uncle to carry him.
KJ, "Papa no enerygy, ah jiu got energy!"
Ronnie >_<*

One day Papa taking KJ to the swimming pool:
KJ, "KJ know how to swim, papa don't know how to swim!"
And he started to give papa swimming lesson!

Lunch time grandma calling out to everyone to come down for lunch:
KJ told his grandpa, "Ah Kong you go down for lunch, ah Be (KJ himself) want to work on the computer!"

Mama, popo, kong kong all fainted!

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