Monday, May 17, 2010


Hello all, sorry for lack of updates! We just moved back to the island after 6 months of being in the city. I was actually quite sad to be part with Kong Kong, popo, Ah Jiu, Ah Che, Pikang GeGe, Lucas, kakak, Wor Kei (ok that's my favourite Kopitiam) and all my playmates. Now that I am back in the island, I am starting to enjoy re-exploring the island again.

It's rather different from the city, I still not used to going barefoot cause the sand always get stucked to my feet everywhere I go and I cannot wear a lot of my Air Jordans, adidas, New Balance Ah Jiu has bought me.

Papa and mama move our resort closer to the creek so this is where I usually hang out now

What you looking at?

Sometimes I do take my giant turtle out and spend my time lying on its back and think of what to eat next, yummy!

Mama asks me to put on sunblock all the time if not she says I will look tan like papa wor! I find it quite funny hehe

All of you should come and play with me on this wonderful paradise, I miss all of you in KL already!

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I wonder when am I getting my own twitter, see u guys soon :)


HuiWuen said...

Yoh!!! so relax man!!
i like the photo that lay on giant turtle...

The Kam family said...

Hi Kai Jin,
We will sure visit your great island one day! Take good care of your Mama and your Meimei ya, big boy!