Monday, May 17, 2010

MAMA'S ENTRY on Kai Ann's Rashes

Both Kai-Jin and Kai Ann suffer from rashes during the early stage, but KJ's rashes are gone slightly pass 6 weeks. And Kai Ann has got more severe case of rashes, that I had to take her to the doctor. She told me that Kai Ann has got hormonal rash or also known as milk rash, which cause by my hormones. But she has a very bad one! So the doctor prescribed me some hydrocortizone cream which contain steroid. I used it once and the rashes went away, but the next day its back again. I decided not to use it again, because Kai Ann was only 3 weeks, and I am exposing her to steroid and moreover on her skin!! Poor girl continue to have poxy face like a teenager! The doctor said will go away latest by 3 months old.

When we got back to the island, her condition did not improve and more problems arisen. There were clear liquid came out from behind her ears and got cradle cap. My poor girl now smell like a stinky cheese! I asked my dad to consult the doctor, and she told us that it is a package deal. I can use the hydrocortizone cream for the face and olive oil to soften the crust on her scalp and brush them off her head, and the cradle cap problem will be solved. Touching Kai Ann's rough face, feeling really sad and wonder where is the baby smooth and soft skin? Searched the internet and tried everything that is suggested by the helpful moms, but still the rashes did not subside.

Finally while sitting by the beach, brushing off her crust, I had an idea - take her for a swim in the sea. I should have thought about it sooner!!! The result was amazing! We saw the instant result! Her skin smoothen overnight, rash reduced and the ears were not oozie anymore! After the second time in the sae, her skin was cleared, and got smoother to touch too! But after 2 days of hot weather an no swimming session in the sea the rash came back. So we decided to dip her in sea water daily until she got rid of all my hormones in her system.

That is my natural remedy for milk/hormonal rash. Try it, if no sea water try saline!

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扬舅舅 said...

poor girl...but why seawater can curb her problem leh?