Monday, September 27, 2010

Little Story Monster-Mama's entry

KJ loves story, he gets inspiration from stories. Good thing is I love stories myself, and love story telling from young. So we made up a lot of stories for him. Even his papa who claims to not good at story telling got the hang of it, and invented a lot of stories to full fill our story monster appetite.
When he went for his operation, his jiu jiu (uncle) must have told him over 500 stories during that 1 day!
We find the story telling a very effective way of teaching or implementing something to KJ. For example when we are toilet training him, we will tell him stories of how Buzz Light Year did so well with his training pants. When we want to encourage him on doing something challenging, we will just tell him stories with his favourite characters in it doing that thing. Often after a few days, he will take up the challenge without us pushing him.
We invented many heroes for him, like the little giraffe,hippo popo, little squirrel, little pig, abang, dinosaurs, strange enough the big bad wolf and the crocodile!
Among the stories many of them are made up. And I am going to document a couple of his favourite so he can always remember them!
So mama, or mama to be, you are all welcome to use my stories and share it with your little ones!

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That is a great idea! I will start to make up stories for my daughter!