Saturday, October 2, 2010

KA update

Hello all, I am Kai Ann. A sweet mermaid from the Bubbles Beach. I am now 6 months old. I can sit unsupported since I was 5 months old.
I have just started solid, and as predicted, I love my food!
I have been having rashes since birth and am still suffering from it! My mama has gone through everything she can to solve the rash problem, and she even went through the elimination diet, but we still don't know what causes it and how to cure it!
But regardless of my rash, I am still the sweetest girl!

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The Kam family said...

Hello, Kai Ann! You are so lovely! Well done on archiving the very important milestone (sit unassisted) at 5th month! While my gorgor plays with your gorgor, I can play with you, hurray! - from Xi Yu Jie Jie :-)

Hello KA's mummy, have your tried using the California Baby Calendula Cream? Hao Re has got pretty bad eczema about one year ago. Initially we had to use the steroid cream on him. It was too harsh so we stopped. Then we started to use the California Baby Calendula cream and other products diligently, and his eczema has not appeared for months!!! His skin is still dry at some areas, but at least there is no more outbreak of rashes. Give it a try if you haven't. Good luck - from XY's mummy