Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kai Ann is 8 month old-mama's entry

Kai Ann is turning 8 months old tomorrow, and I have just realized I am not doing a good job in keeping track of her development as religiously as I was with KJ.

Being number 2, she is a real survival. She is very manipulative, and smart. By 8 months old she has MASTER the skill of crawling, demanding, babbling, calling papa, mama, koko, and even popo! She is a very fast learner, and she is impatient to grow up. Right now she is working on standing up by holding on furniture. We are predicting that she will stand by 10 MO.

She is aware that all adults are twirled around her fingers, and she has got the eyes that twinkled and shooting stars, so she can get away from her mischief.

Below is how she uses her "charm":
when papa said no, she gave him this look...

She eats very well, loves her solid, and most of the things I cooked for her she likes them. Her rashes is not totally gone yet, but is under controlled by me avoiding shellfish and duck meat. I have tried peanuts, and soy, and they are ok. So good news for me, I can have ice kacang, and satay again! Yipee!

A little note on her rashes, Hao Re's mama introduced me the Calendula cream, and it has work wonder! For mama with eczema babies, do try it!! Special thanks to Hao Re mama!


nann nann said...

看到她亮晶晶的眼睛,我也被融化喽~ :)

The Kam family said...

Hello pretty KA!

Glad to hear you have not been suffering from eczema lately. Good to know the CB products work for you as it works for Hao Re gorgor.

Enjoy your food and eat more! You are doing well with the crawling. Stand up and walk, and that's even more fun! Hope to see you during CNY!