Monday, March 28, 2011

KA 1st Birthday Party

Hello everyone, I am 1 year old! We went back to KL for a party.
We prepared a lot of toys for my guest, so I would have to supervise closely to make sure everything is in place!
I got my papa, mama, koko, ah jiu, ah je, ah kong, ah po, kuku...many people to help me set up.
Koko is my party set up coordinator.
He got himself a lot of lovely assistants.
And U-Shern is my project supervisor zzZZzzZZz
My super papa testing out if my koko did a good job with the ball,
and of course I would have to test it too! Ok, PASSED!!!
And this was my wardrobe assistant....
"Sorry ah Kong, you know I love you and all,but work is work, I'm afraid I will have to fire you!"
Now this is my AH JIU, he is my event manager, is he doing a good job?You see the look in my eyes when looking at my ah jiu? The answer is yes, he is a damn good Event Manager!!!
My Friends are slowly arriving, and they are all happily playing with the toys we prepared for them, and I am quite happy playing with their shoes...
As the guest arriving, my new dresser (my popo) got me into this lovely dress. Lucky I changed my dresser, wonder what my ah kong will dress me in!?! (No offense ah Kong, you know I love you a lot!)
See I so love you! Anyway, we have our favourite (actually is for my papa, mama, ah jiu, and most of the adults) lok-lok car.
Ok, let's party on! Like my party gear?
Play, and!
Fun for the girls...
and fun for the boys!

It was so much fun that I fell asleep half way, after I took a short nap, I woke up in time for my cake!
Isn't it the most beautiful cake?
My koko did everything for me! It was like his birthday!
Everyone love my cake, they just can't take their eyes off it, so we have to quickly blown the candle and devided the cake up!
Everyone love it! I didn't get to eat my own cake! :(

Thank you everyone, I had a very nice 1st Birthday Party. My koko love the present, and I love the wrapper! I love you all!

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YuinTing said...

Happy Birthday Kai Ann. Your daddy & mommy and all the committee members & managers really put in a lot of effort to give you an unforgettable birthday! What a lucky birthday girl.

And well... I think your ko ko also enjoyed himself very much... as if was his birthday too :-D