Thursday, March 17, 2011

They are Growing too Fast! - Mama's entry

My babies are growing too fast, Kai Ann is turning 1 in 4 days time, and Kai-Jin will be 3 in 3 months time!
KJ is very independent in many ways, he can feed himself, and he can even use chopsticks!
He is still a story monster, and can now make his own stories. He can now watch a complete movie (cartoon), but when he likes the movie he will watch it over and over again. His all time favourite is "How to Train a Dragon". He is so into dragon that everything is about Dragons and Night Fury. He even got his grandpa to do a fusion story of 东海龙王(East Sea dragon King) and Night Fury!
Currently I am slowly starting to teach him how to read. We do not intend to rush him into it, but are starting the research on homeschooling, and preschool material.
He can count in 3 languages, speak fluent mandarin, and some English. He like doodling, and starting to draw circle and also starting to draw with theme.
Although he sometimes bully his sister, but this will be over soon, cause the sister is learning fast, and she has started bullying him already.

Our little princess is growing too fast! She is turning 1 soon!
This little chatter box is learning very fast, probably with a big brother around she can pick up things faster.
She can stand unsupported, and today she took 3 steps, but she is too scare to attempt.
We taught her sign language, but she decided to "speak". So far she will only sign "please" and other things she will just "ask" for it.
She call all female Mama, but with different tone. She called grandma popo, and PAPA to all male. Again with different tone. Her brother get a high pitch happy PA!! And when calling her papa she will just wail!
She can say
- Bye-Byeeeee
- 骂骂(scold-scold)
- 打打(hit-hit) (yes I know, a violent little girl, she says this to her brother a lot!)
- Nggg Nggg (sound we make to get her to pass motion in the potty, so she sees the potty she will make sound like this.)
- mei (pretty)
- turn turn turn (anything spinning)

Her allergy is getting better, break out of spots are getting lesser, we know for sure she can't take egg white, but sometimes she get reaction from cucumber, cooked carrot (only once), and kuay teow. But I no longer have to watch what I ate, I had tried eating all sorts of things and she does not have any reaction, so good news for me I get to eat food I like again!

Our dearest babies, papa mama love you very much, stay healthy and happy always!

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