Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kai Ann is 16 month Old

This is Kai Ann, and I have found words, and can compose some way of communication into somewhat call a sentence.
I can identify quite a few things, including my own body. I can give command, and do it very well to everyone. I am very fierce, and if you don't listen to me, I will bite!!
I love music, and will hum anywhere anytime when I am happy, and I will dance, and yes I can dance very well just like my grandma!
Physical development wise, I can run, and can climb up and down the chairs and to the table and onto the high chair and back out through the table, stopped and dance on the table, and climb back down from the chair. Something that my koko (big brother) still can't do as well as I can! :)
Oh, and my favourite thing is my mama's nen-nen, I sometimes call her nen-nen, not mama! hehe!
Ok, got to go now, the sound of BabyTV is calling me!

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