Saturday, August 27, 2011

Roseola - Mama's entry on illness

KA had high fever for 4 days and nothing we did worked, and there was no other flu like symptoms like she usually had. After the 5th day of fever of average 38.9'c it suddenly stopped and follow by flat rashes all over her body. As we suspected KA had Roseola.

We had experience with Roseola when KJ was about 17 month old. But being inexperience and first time parents we freak out with the prolong fever, but was lucky that our pead advise us against anti-biotics because they all think it was viral infection and nothing anti-biotic could do about it! Yes I said they, because as I mentioned before we were new parents and were freaking out so we took KJ to 4 different doctors. Finally when the rash broke, and the last pead just sent us away and said, "Oh, it is Roseola, don't worry, it is the easiest of this family, like chicken pox and measles."
Now with KA, we were more relax, monitoring her fever, keeping her hydrate, and finally her fever fell, and rashes form, and we confirmed Roseola.

Relax. Don't panic!
Every time when the kids had fever we as parents will not be able to sleep at night. Worrying and getting ready to ER.

Here are some tips on Fever:
  • Fever is a way to show that the body is doing some fighting, a low grade fever should not be too much of a concern, just keep monitoring the temperature, if it is between 38-39'c I generally let the body fight it without using paracetamol.
  • drink a lot of fluid, I usually give 100plus without gas, or best if you can get coconut water.
  • if the kids are active, not rejecting food (might not eat as much but still eating), they will be fine in no time.
  • Fever over 39.4'c will required immediate attention, after sponging down, give them paracetamol, fever should go down shortly. After taking paracetamol, do not give another dose within 3 hours.
  • Suppository is used only at night when necessary, and restrict to 4 per day!
I usually let the kids soak in bath tub longer, and they are happiest in there.

Good luck mama and papa!

with love,
KJ & KA's papa and mama


The Kam family said...

The paeds in Malaysia are much better then - for not anyhow prescribing antibiotics for viral infection, thumbs up!!

Ya, being a second time mum somehow is more relax. Well done on ditching the fever med.

Though, it's not how high the temperature that is matter, one should monitor the kid with all the points you mentioned (activeness, fluid intake, etc) regardless of the number said on the thermometer. Bringing down the temp with the med temporarily doesn't do any good nor help in any way. Spiking up beyond 39.5C is highly possible, but that should go down pretty quickly. Unless it's prolong high temp, then yes, need to seek medical advice.

Tsung Mien said...

I suggest the traditional methods which is to drink warm barley water and sweat the fever away. But if the kids are active, then not so much to worry about as Kam Family noted. When they are older and can take it, chopped raw garlic is the way to go. By not popping pills every time they are sick also helps children avoid the mindset that the minute you feel unwell, you reach for some sort of drug instead of maybe taking a rest, etc.