Sunday, September 11, 2011

Big Screen!!

Hey, is KJ here, I am 3 years old, and I am a big boy. Big boy does cool things, and among all the adventure, we tried watching movie this time!
I love the movie Cars, and I watched it so many time on my little DVD player until I can memorized everything!
So my papa decided to take me to a real movie!

We boys had a good time together!

and I got to see some of my friends up close!!

The screen is giant! And I love the pop corn too!

I had a little peeing drama in the cinema which my papa uses a bottle to solve, but we accidentally wet my underwear in the dark, and I was feeling insecure without my underwear, and started to get cranky, but papa manage to calm me down, and we finished the whole movie! After the movie, papa praise me for being a big brave boy, and asked me to choose a Cars toy, I took the King, and papa reward me with McQueen because I wasn't greedy and only ask for 1 toy.

I had a very nice day with papa, and that day I slept at 8pm, cause I was so excited and worn myself out!

Thank you for the Movie! ((:

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