Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kai Ann and her eczema - NAET 101

Kai Ann been suffering with rashes and itch since birth, and we went through many ways to finally find out she is allergy to eggs. Recently her eczema got worst, and she scratched the back of her legs raw. It really brake our heart watching our pretty princess going through such horrible ordeal!
Hubby has got family history of allergy, and he too suffer from a lot of itch, this time round I am determine to find another solution which is seeking help via Homeopath. This term was introduced to me by meeting many travelers. I have met many parents who travel with their infants, and they went to places like India, mountains of Papua New Guinea with young baby like 4, 5 month old, and they all sworn by the homeopathy travel kit they carry with them. A good friend Libby also mentioned about the NAET method her homeopath uses on the patients.
So we came back and I did a shout out on Facebook, did not hear anything, a few people came back to me and provide me some contact, but non of them with recommendation, and I was worried and not too sure. Finally our best friend Synnee say my post and said she had a blog friend who has a daughter who suffer from eczema and saw this doctor at Tangkak, and through her we got the contact, and found more blog entries by other mommies about this doc.
We called immediately, drove 3 hours (1 hour was spent stuck in a jam near Nilai) and arrived Tangkak at 12:43pm (2 mins before the closed for lunch) managed to register, and went to the famous Tangkak Beef Noodle. After 2 bowls of beef noodle each (KJ included), we went to see this doc. I was very excited about this visit.
When we went into the doctor's office, Dr. Wong is a very pleasant man, soft spoken, not like those really famous doc I had been recommended who show the "I-know-what-I-am-doing-and-I-am-famous" and "You-r-such-a-lousy-parent-who-make-ur-child-sick" face. Before we went I sort of inform hubby about NAET method so he knew what to expect.
The doc had the child sitting on our lap, and let her hold a test tube with potential allergens in them, and we were to raise one arm and he will push the arm down, we were to resist the the push, but when the tub contain substance that the test tube holder is allergy to, the arm will not be able to resist the push from the doctor.
He has got basket and basket of test tube with all sort of things you can never think off. He will go through the allergen and finally when found, he will check the level of severity. There is a scale of 0-22, Kai Ann is allergy to egg, and it is the highest of 25! Kai Ann started screaming half way, and demanded to be carried by me, and wanted out, so we can't really continue any further, which is a shame, cause I suspect she has more.
Ronnie and KJ also got tested, and Papa is highly allergy to Yeast, and House Dust Mite, and KJ is to House Dust Mite, and Dog. It solved the mystery of Ronnie's itch and poxy spots on his back. Now we know that Vit-C contain yeast, and that is the cause of his outbreak whenever there is fly bug around and he started on Vit-C.
The doc gave them all drops, which is prepared by having a tube of saline, and with the substance you are allergy to next to the bottle, and have them spin really quickly to get the aura of the allergen into the water, and with a drop behind the tongue, it will slowly coax your body to build up immune system towards the allergen.
The fee is not cheap, but if it works, we don't mind!
For those who wish to give it a try:
Klinik Specialist Wong
No. 114, Jalan Payamas, Tangkak. Johor.
Clinic hour is 8am-12:45, 2pm-4.30pm Mon-Friday

It is very easy to find, take the exit at Tangkak, pay toll, turn right after toll to Tangkak town, you will enter the town, just go straight and you will see a police station on your left, the clinic is at the shop lot after the police station.

Will keep a picture blog on the progress of KA's eczema.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I too have some skin issues and it was very bad a few years back. I went to at least 4 different doctors on western meds but finally succumbed to chinese traditional meds as the western meds did not help at all since they are all only steroid cream. I suffered from the bad eczema for almost a year after a few sandflea bites started the whole drama. The chinese meds is more on detoxing the body which finally ended my misery in about 6 months or less. Also not cheap. The doctor also advised against having eggs. However, I think I am having the eczema problem again after gotten bitten by some insects or mosquitos during my confinement, although this time is not a huge outbreak. Do you mind letting me know what kind of price this homeopathy treatment is?

Kai-Jin said...

Hello Anonymous, Thanks for dropping by! This doctor charge RM460 for 3 of us. The drops is RM100 each, and will last 1 month. The treatment is said to help balance your body and slowly getting your body to be able to accept the allergens, eventually you will not have bad reaction to things you are allergy to. We really hope it helped! My daughter is already showing signs of improvement after 3rd day!

Tsung Mien said...

It's also good at this time to support the body's natural healing processes by eating as little processed food as possible and taking a good probiotic or fermented foods. Hope all goes well. Also, for a really good book on homeopathy, I recommend Impossible Cure by Amy Lansky
Hope everything works out.

coffeesncookies said...

Hi.. I am sure your daughter will recover but do stay away from eggs otherwise the flare ups are quite bad. Many recipe requires eggs and be diligent and check thoroughly every bite she takes. Soon, you'll be an expert in reading food ingredients :D

Anonymous said...

Hi! My son is having skin problem over his hand,neck and body.At first it was like a small insect bite but later on it spead to become fifity cent coin big. I m not sure it is eczema or what. Is all the skin problem caused by allergens and must do the test to find out? I am really not sure. Can you let me know is Dr WOng expert in skin problem or only eczema?
Or can i do the test at lab instead of travel to tangkak?

Kai-Jin said...

Hello Anonymous,
Thanks for dropping by our blog. Your son's condition is a typical eczema. Dr. Wong is a GP, but he practice natural healing using NAET. through his method, one can find out the exact allergen, and by taking the drops he gave will slowly neutralized the body towards the allergens. If you go to other places, they will do a blood test to find out the allergens. That usually cost about RM400, and once they found out the allergens, the advice will be plain stay away from the allergens. I have had 50-50 review on Dr. Wong, but so far it is working my for DD, so will definitely worth the travel to Tangkak, and besides it is only about 1.5 hr drive, beats sticking in jam in KL sometimes! Good luck with you boy. Feel free to drop us mail for more info.

Anonymous said...

Kai-Jin, thanks for your reply. I have 1 question, NAET is natural treatment or western treatment? I came across western doctor (usually apply cream) .Somehow after 1 month, the eczema attack again. and the situation is getting worse.


Arianna said...

Hi Kai Jin
May I know how is ur son doing? Ur stories inspired me..