Friday, July 25, 2008

Beach Bump In The Making

Mama and papa told me that we are going home in few days time. And they told me that we are going back to the island.
Island? I have no idea what island is like, but mama said it is going to be our home! She show me some picture of the island and what they do. And papa said that I will like our home. So here I am, getting ready to my "home". And according to mama and papa this is the standard pose of the islanders!Guess all I need now is a pair of sun glasses!

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Sing said...

This is the first time that you left Kong-Kong & Po-Po to go back to your Pa-pa's island. We miss you so much, and our family became so quiet again.This morning we wake up and suddenly realised that you are away already. We wish you having a fun seaside life, and hoping that November will come fast so that we will together again.