Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Full Moon

On the 28th July I am exactly 1 month old, my kong-kong & po-po (maternal grandparents) had a small party for me on the 26th, and my yeh-yeh & mah-mah (paternal grandparents) had a party for me on the 27th. Both party have these red tortoise cake, and the red dyed eggs.
Kong-kong told me that we elebrate the "full moon" because:
Traditionally, Chinese has very strict rules when a mother gives birth to a baby. The mother is treated with special foods and usually 'kept hidden' in the house for the full month. So, the full month is call the confinement because the mom & baby are literally and physically confined to the home. The only place they go is the hospital and nowhere else
Therefore, when the complete month is up, the birth of the baby is celebrated by giving away these foods. They comprise of the yellow rice which is made of turmeric and glutinous rice, red eggs and the sweet cakes call 'ang koo' or red tortoise .Red eggs & Ang Koo are symbolic, meaning good fortune, completeness and a new beginning.
The red sweet cake is made of glutinous rice flour or sticky rice flour and filled with bean paste.
Relatives and friend will also invited to the house to introduce this new family member to them.
So here I am, having my 2 parties, and went on my first long car journey to Setiawan (papa's home town) to meet all my family members. I will tell you about the journey on my next post.
This is me and my mama on my full moon day (28th July 2008). Do I look like a big boy now? I feel like a big boy already!

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Liv said...

We love your hairstyle!!!
Happy first month! Lots of love from the Smurf Family.