Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An Adventurous Day

Today after my bath, papa and mama took me out for a little adventure. They say we are going to Kampung for my vaccination. I don't know what that is, my first vaccination was on my first day of birth, and I can't remember much about it.

First we took a boat, and boy I LOVE the boat ride! Papa tried to cover up my face so I don't get the strong wind in my face but I push him away and make my protest! Later on I got my way! I just love the wind in my face! I love the speed!! I think I am going to ask papa take me more on the boat.

We finally arrived this place with many people and buildings, papa and mama took me to the clinic for my vaccination. At the small clinic I met many friends, some older, some younger, I have never met so many babies at the same time since my birth!
When the nurse called my name, papa strip me naked, and I am not liking this! I don't like to expose myself in front of so many people! And there was a nice girl looking at me too! So I protest, and I protest as loud as I can be, but papa ignored me, and place my naked body on a scale. I am now 5.4kg, my head circumference is 39cm, and my hight is now 57cm.
After that papa dress me again, and now I am hungry, so mama took me, and she nurse me for the first time in the public, some mother were teaching my mama on her position. I can tell that mama is very nervous, but she was doing very well, and I got a few big gulp of milk before I was called again by the nurse. What do they want now? Mama told me is my turn to take the vaccination. And she just passed me to papa, and told papa that she cannot watch this. I wonder why was she scare?

I went into a room with papa, and the nurse gave me something pink to drink, EWWWW!!! That was the nastiest thing I ever had! So I scream my protest! When the yarky taste finally diminished, I was happy again, and I felt tired and fell asleep in my papa's arm. That's when my papa suddenly held me arms and legs firmly, and I felt it...the worst thing that ever happen to me happened! Something really painful spread from my thigh, and suddenly I felt something being pushed into my thigh, and I scream into papa's arm, and I fell asleep to shut off the pain.
I can't even remember the boat ride back home. What a waste!

When I got back home, mama gave me more yarky stuff to drink, and I was feeling worst. My thigh hurt, and I and feeling hot too. I became very grumpy, and I cry all the time wanting my mama and papa. I feel pain everywhere. Mama told me it's ok, that is vaccination, and it is suppose to make me stronger! Why do adult want to make me sick to make me stronger?
I am sooooooo grumpy now!!!!


ryeli said...

well done! welcome to the real world boy, there will be more to come...hehe. btw, why drink pink stuff? wht pink stuff? paracetemol?

Kai-Jin said...

yeah, the first pink stuff is the polio oral, and the pink stuff mama gave is paracetamol. Burr, just the thought of it make me sick! Let alone the colour! My fever went down at night, and I actually slept through the night, but with wired dreams! I am so tired!

Liv said...

Yes, and there are more to come...Poor little boy. Liv is done now until she is 12 months and she also protested loudly EVERY time! Nice to see the pics. KaiJin looks like Chooee on the middle pic, dont you think???

Anonymous said...

What a handsome beach boy in the making :)- hugs and kisses.
- Dewi