Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to the Island

Well, mama and papa told me that we are packing up to go home, I am only getting cozy at kong-kong & po-po's house and now they tell me we are going back to another place call home!
We all packed and started a very tiring and long journey. First we travel to kuku (papa's sister)'s house in Ipoh, there we rest for half a day so I get to play with my cousins. At 4am after my first night feed we depart from kuku's house to the east coast.
I slept through the car ride at about 7am I woke up again feeling bored, and papa is driving too slow, I start to get grumpy, I want my morning bath! But papa and mama keep telling me that we are almost there! After 2 stops for feeding and changing because car is too bumpy for me to grab hold of mama's breast, and papa keep telling me that it is ok because I get to drink milk shake! Ha, funny man!
Eventually we arrived the place called Kuala Besut, there I am being welcome like a prince, some strange Malay lady came took me in her arm, kissing me and asking mama to give me to her! So many people came to shake papa and mama's hand and touch my head. I must be very special person here! At the jetty some tourist commented on how cute I am and mama was so proud!
When I went on to the boat papa held me tight and he told me we are going to the island land and home we shall be...err...when are we really home? They keep telling me we are almost home and we are still not home yet!! What are we riding next? Anyway, I like this speed boat thing, I slept through the ride. It is very cool!
Finally papa told me we are home! On the beach there were so many people waiting for us, all with big big smile on the face, everyone knows my name, some even call me boss! There were people from Switzerland, Ireland, Holland, Frence, and England were there specially for me! Mama told me that they came all the way just to see me! Wow, I must be really special!
The first day was too hot for me to be outside, me and mama stayed indoor for the first day. On the second day I am slowing getting used to the island, and we came out during the morning and evening, but afternoon is still too hot for me. Slowly we are getting used and having a routine I appeared more outside. Today papa took me out and for the first time we sat on the beach and enjoy the sea breeze! Papa made me this special beach chair so I can enjoy the sea breeze, mama is trying to upload the picture but the connection is too slow on the island that we can have too many pictures on the blog.
I will allow mama more free time so she can blog for me. That is also provided that the internet connection is good so she can post! More post later! Gone swimming soon!!

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