Monday, August 18, 2008


One day I woke up and I notice that mama is very happy that day, I didn't know why she was so happy until she told papa that we didn't had formula supplement the day before, and I did fine without it, not even the 3 oz she usually give me before bed time! And I slept through the night...well almost the night without appeared to be very hungry and can't go to sleep! So that was 1 milestone that we have crossed. No more formula, that is my mama's wish. But seriously I am not sure why they don't like formula, it taste ok for a change. But after all I love my mama's milk!
I have decided to give my mama the most beautiful smile to thank her for the comfort I get from her, and I too gave my papa the most "gumtiful" smile for all the wonderful bath he gave me everyday! And they both love it. Ha, adults are so easy to be pleased!
I can now hold my neck straighter then I used to be able to, for your information I can hold my neck up on the first day of my birth! I can coo back to papa when he talk to me, and I can also scold the dive crew just like uncle Eric!
Mama say next I should discover my hands...what is hand?

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Liv said...

Hands are weird and fun! They have those little bits called fingers attached to them and you can put them in your mouth! Cant wait to see new pics from you.