Tuesday, September 30, 2008

3 Months & Growing....

Hello Everybody, I am 3 months old now and I have been quite busy hanging out by the beach and learning to swim (will show you guys more later).

I find out recently it's a lot more fun to have the front view and I don't like being carried facing the back. It's boring! So my super-papa made me this so I can always have the best view!

It's so comfy I even fall asleep in it :)

I've also been getting stronger and stronger. I hope I can stand and even walk very soon so I can explore more of the island.

Kong Kong and Por Por (Grandpa and Grandma) are here to visit me. It's always fun having them around as I get to carried around a lot more. Hehe. Sometimes we all get so tired from playing and fall asleep together by the beach.

Ok, I have to go catch up with what's going in the world today now with papa, see you guys later. Tata!


Anonymous said...

BB's so love by everyone because he is too adorable..

Li En said...

hahaha that photo of bobo and bomu and kaijin sleeping is so adorable!